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Blood Ritual: the Ark and the Shroud

Blood Ritual: the Ark and the Shroud

This underground stream has occasionally surfaced throughout time and we can see from these trickles that the elements of truth were in fact widespread and ancient. This water of wisdom has in fact given life to the plants that have grown on the surface and sometimes even great trees have emerged and have refused to be chopped down by intolerance or bigotry. These trees are the great mysteries we know today such as the Holy Grail, Great Pyramid and Ark of the Covenant. If we grasp these growths firmly and pull hard enough we uproot the hidden secrets that first gave life to them. One of these roots I found was to branch off into Islam and it would reveal a mystical world that was connected so firmly and so obviously to the main trunk that almost everybody had missed the connection. This root had a name â€" baraka.

The term baraka is a Sufi one and from which our French barque and Italian barca is derived. Indeed in contemporary France the term baraka, of Algerian origin, still has connotations of luck or blessing and this would eventually make complete sense.

Egyptian Mystics

The ancient Egyptians believed that everybody was a unique individual. The people were said to have two distinct parts, the ba and the ka. These are not simple concepts and have in fact baffled and amused Egyptologists for over two hundred years. But we need to break them down, for within the names of these two human domains attributed by our Egyptian ancestors lies the truth of the term baraka.

The ba is close to what we would call the personality, the traits and acts of the man or woman developed over the course of life. The ka was the life-force or soul. It is the first, or in number, one. This is found to be true in the Indian concept of the word as well where ka means supreme and together with ar means the ‘supreme light’ or ‘one light’ (arka) and ‘essence’. The ka itself came into being when a person was born and was often depicted as the person’s twin or double. This is of course ancient Egyptian alchemy at play, whereby both the ka and ba must be united to become one and the twin element has come down to us through the centuries in our Tarot cards, fables and of course the twin riders of the Templar symbol.

Because the ba was the personality of the unique individual, it too was unique, whereas the ka, as the life-force was the same for everybody â€" it was the creative force running through us. The ka itself was made by the god Khnum on a potters wheel â€" hence it was an energy vortice exactly like the vortices found within the very atom. This energy is required for life and is also raised by the efforts of the processes in the mind - akin to the kundalini chakra - in raising enlightenment. The kings or pharaohs had many ka’s due to their own immortality like the gods. In fact the goal of every individual was to remain united, or fused with the energy of the life-force, ka, and the personality, ba, after death and to join Ra (sun) on his journey of perpetually re-creating creation itself. In this way the individual wanted to return to the creative point, the alpha and omega, at the same time and same place. In essence they wanted to reside in that perfect state. This perfect union comes down to us in the uniting of the three principles require, ba, Ra and ka â€" baraka.

In fact, this is most likely the reason for mummification after death â€" to keep the body and the symbolic representations of the personality in place for the ka to unite with Ra and reinvigorate life. Should the body rot away the coffin and in fact the very death shrouds or bands of cloth would act as the spare body. Now we are beginning to see the value of the Shroud, as the body of Jesus joined his father (Ra) leaving behind his personality infused with the energy of his ka. It is itself a baraka or Ark.

Ra himself as the personification of the sun of the one-Egyptian god is in essence wishing a reunification. This is described as the ‘greatest of mysteries’ by the ancient Egyptians and it occurs at precisely midnight â€" the middle hour, the in-between state. Ra in fact must reunite with his body by midnight in-order to be resurrected as the morning light of the sun. This is personified as the body of Osiris, who is the Underworld personification of the Egyptian one-god. You see, I tend to agree with the writer, Egyptologist and researcher, Alan Alford, that Egypt was a monotheistic culture, but that different personalities and aspects of the one god were given different, but meaningful, names. In the Underworld state, the ka and ba of Ra was Osiris and Osiris once reborn is Horus, who became Jesus in the Christian mysteries. These great acts of the deities are not just re-enactments of the sun, moon and stellar cycles, they are also deeply held esoteric truths and I am not alone in this statement:

“The mystical character of these ‘books’, in the sense of a codification of an esoteric and secret knowledge…” [1]

It is indeed a secret knowledge and one that has remained so for generations, so much so, that we still search for literal treasures, when we truly encompass them all ourselves.

In fact Osiris personified the old self or the old creation and Ra was the new birth, the new man. Just like medieval Alchemy, creation was made from a mixture and through transformation.

“The Egyptians did not believe in creation ex nihilo. On the contrary, the religious texts state clearly that the cosmos was created from pre-existent materials, namely primeval water, matter, and air. Creation involved the transformation of the materials from the state of chaos into a state of order. It involved the construction of a new cosmos from the remains of an old cosmos.” [2]

This mixture required the reduction of the self (ba and ka) and the reformation in the midnight hour of the parts to create the true trinity of the ba Ra ka.

The Egyptians believed that when the ka left and the body died, it returned to the divine but remained close to the body. In fact even false doors were created in tombs for ka’s called ‘ka doors’, so that the ka could access the earth at will. Now the ba could roam the earth, but only when Ra, the sun-god, was in ascendance in the sky. When Ra returned to the underworld, so too did the ba. This is in fact the Egyptian explanation for ghosts.

In symbolism the ka was represented by two upturned arms and the ba by a human headed bird. Offerings of food were given to the ka and it was believed that the ka did not eat the food, but instead drew off the life-force from the offering.

The union of the ba Ra ka is indeed a true blessing and this is where the Arabic Barakah and the Hebrew Barach takes the word â€" both different versions of the Sufi baraka. Blessing of course is now an English word derived from Old English bleodsian or bletsian meaning to ‘sprinkle with blood’, being derived from the blood rites called Blots and from where we get the term ‘to blot out ones sins.’

The Blot rite is Old English or Old Norse and is even followed today by modern pagans or ‘heathens’. The origins of the rites are supposedly lost, but the term means ‘sacrifice’ or ‘feast.’ The term Blota means ‘to worship’ or ‘to sacrifice’. Indeed in the Hakanor Saga gooa from Heimskringla, Snorri describes how at these Blots, blood was sprinkled on the altar and temple walls, just as they were in Egypt and indeed in the Jewish Temple. In fact there also appears to be an extrovert use of the term for fusion:

“The meaning of the sacrificial feast, as Snorri saw it, is fairy plain. When blood was sprinkled over altars and men and the toasts were drunk, men were symbolically joined with the gods of war and fertility, and with their dead ancestors, sharing their mystical powers. This is a form of communion.” [3]

Again here we see that this union is found with each other in society and not just with the gods:

“When an article of value is passed across the boundary of frith and grasped by alien hands, a fusion of life takes place, which binds men one to another with an obligation of the same character as that of frith himself.” [4]

This is the true offering of the life-source spoken of above and I had one of those wonderful moments of excitement when I realised that the Ark of the Covenant, in-order to ‘work’ properly also had to be sprinkled with blood. It had to in effect have a ka offering. This was the same as the Shroud, which was to be ‘sprinkled’ with the blood of the Christ, himself seen as the offering by the pagan’s who converted to Christianity and who had previously practised the Blot rituals.

The blessing then, seen here to be entirely related to the term barach or baraka, is to infuse something with holiness or the divine will (which is also another word for ka.) The blessing has always been officially given by the priest of the orthodox church and so is the same as the baraka of the Sufi’s - a blessing or word of will passed from the master to pupil.

Of course I could not miss the fact that to the Sufi, the term baraka was symbolised by a boat and itself became fused with the symbol of the dove. The dove itself was the Christian and Gnostic symbol of the word or spirit of the Lord and hence it was the baraka. The later Gnostic Christian Heretics, the Cathars took this symbol and with their own links within Islam fused the two devices together:

“… One important Cathar symbol was the dove. It represented for them then, as it does for us today, the idea of ‘peace’ or, more accurately the more subtle concept of ‘grace’, that state of being in God’s love. After the first crusades, when the European Cathars in the entourage of Godfroi de Bouillon established some contact with the Sufi mystics of Islam, the symbolism of the dove sometimes became linked iconographically with the Islamic mystical idea of baraka, which also means ‘grace’ and with the idea that a person can be a ‘vessel of grace’… In some instance, the Cathar dove flying with its wings outstretched was rendered in an artistic motif very similar to the stylised ship meaning baraka in Sufi calligraphy, with the feathers of the dove and the oars of the vessel alike representing the flight and freedom of the soul.” [5]

Orthodox Christianity could not allow these ancient esoteric truths to be spread abroad as it had built its power base upon the literalism’s of the Bible and so they persecuted the Cathars and burnt them out of sight. However it does seem that these Cathars did hold the secret of the Temple of Solomon. They were the ‘perfecti’ who protected the esoteric wisdom of the Ark, for they were the Western version of the Eastern Sufi who themselves protected the ba-ra-ka. The only ‘vessel’ that they spirited away from their ill-fated Montsegur was the vessel of grace â€" knowledge.

In essence the term baraka is an original term for Ark and is thought by many to be derived from the ancient Egyptian b’arque or boat. The Sufi’s have often been said to have originated or at the very least to have origins in Egypt, and so having some knowledge of Sufism I embarked upon a journey into the term, knowing full-well that what lay before me was an often contradictory and argumentative subject matter. I had spent many hours listening to a Sufi master and I often recall his methods â€" which to many would seem offensive, but to me were esoteric teachings. I once asked him where my path might lay and he replied that the only path I had no longer existed. This path of course was the one behind me, for the path in front had not yet been made. He told me that if I concentrated on my only path I would stumble and fall over and I quickly worked out that this was because I would always be looking behind me, whilst trying to walk forward. There is only now, between yesterday and tomorrow â€" again, it was the place between.


Sufism, for those who may never have heard the term, is called ‘the way to the heart’, which of course means the centre. It is the way of the pure, as Sufi may derive also from the word Sata or saaf meaning cleanliness or pure. Another viewpoint has the word being derived from the Arabic word for wool â€" suf - thus implying the cloak worn by the Sufi or the fact that every Sufi was seen to be a shepherd. It may also come from the Ashab al-Suffa or Ahl al-Suffa, meaning ‘companions of the veranda’ or ‘people of the veranda’. The veranda spoken of is the one on the Prophet Muhammad’s mosque, and these ‘people of the veranda’ were said to spend their days in prayer and meditation during the Prophets lifetime. These special adherents were from many lands, including Persia, Ethiopia, Egypt and even Rome, bringing a great many diverse beliefs and interests with them. There is, however, a more telling term from which the word Sufi may be derived â€" Sophia. This is the concept of wisdom spoken of again and again in esoteric literature and which has come down to us today via all-manner of faiths and creeds, even into secret societies such as the Freemasons. This version of the name was espoused by Abu Raihan Niruni, a Persian mathematician, astronomer, scholar, philosopher, historian and much more, of the late tenth and early eleventh century â€" a veritable Renaissance man before his time. The fact that a Persian stated this belief relates to something Springett said in his book Secret Sects of Syria:

“the Sufees are a secret society of Persian mystic philosophers and ascetics, whose original religion may have been that of the Chaldeans or Sabeans, who believed in the unity of God, but adored the hosts of heaven (Tsaba), especially the seven planets, as representing Him.” [6]

Whatever the true origin of the word Sufi, it cannot easily be summed up in just a few words due to its mystical mix. For sure, this is an Islamic cult, much akin to the likes of the Albigensians or Cathars of the Christians, who were known as the pure ones. However, absolutely nobody is sure of the true origins of the movement and indeed it could and probably does even pre-date Islam in many respects and could even have influenced Muhammad himself.

Sufism then, is this mystical side of Islam continued, and this is why it is so important to the Sufi’s to keep this baraka, this continuance, so strong, because the base instincts of man will steal the truth and turn it to profit and gain. This is why the baraka seems so strange to those outside of the loop, because it is the mystical world that is unknowable. To be a true mystic, one must know oneself and ones own unconscious world. Not everybody has the will and the time to do this and others can do it as if by accident. The Sufi’s see themselves as moving through this world of ours as if they are part of it and all the time knowing there is so much more. They feel at all times the divine presence and yet look upon mankind with an eye of mercy. At least, that’s the story. To them each one of us has a spirit or Ruh, which originates from the Alam â€" a creation of the divine light itself. The food of the spirit is therefore more light and not that of the external sun, but the inner sun of Allah. To mirror and reflect this wisdom of the light is all that can be asked â€" to be like the moon, and we all know, the crescent moon is a symbol of Islam. The one who truly reflects this light of Allah, does not take the light away from Allah, but instead glorifies His name. The one who does this can give divine blessings via the baraka â€" the baraka is therefore not himself, but the light and wisdom and power of God. One becomes the crescent moon, the Ark.

One of the literal reasons that baraka has become our barge, b’arque, barca, Ark and of course bark, is because it is involved in the art of ship building. This kind of ship building though involves no floating upon real water, it is more to do with the water of the mind. By having baraka, one is able to access divine information and to be able to pass this on. But, before being able to do this, one must learn how to build a decent ship.

In some Muslim traditions if the baraka (or b’ark-at) is strong then when the wise Sufi dies it will remain with his non-decaying body and may even transmit wisdom to his successors. This is the reason that shrines are so important to the Muslim traditions â€" because the shrines are seen to be infused with this divine essence from the Almighty Allah â€" via the Sufi master who is to all intents and purposes the Ark. In this way, we can now see why the Kaaba at Mecca should be so important â€" as this is a location of this universal baraka energy.

These sacred relics were only thus sacred due to the fact that they were seen to contain the baraka, just as Christian relics held a similar power or latent energy following the crusader invasions of the Muslim lands. It became therefore spiritually important and esoterically aligned for the father to pass down these baraka filled items â€" thus continuing the process of baraka, through the ages physically as well as esoterically.

My question now was simple and yet complex: Was the Shroud of Turin a kind of Blot offering? Infusing power in a divine relic? And who’s blood was it?

Philip Gardiner is a best selling author of The Ark, The Shroud and Mary, Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed, Secrets of the Serpent and Proof â€" Does God Exist? He has several DVD’s out and speaks regularly around the world. His website is


1 Death and Salvation in Ancient Egypt, Jan Assmann, Cornell University Press, 2005.

2 The Midnight Sun, Alan Alford, Eridu Books, 2004, page 95.

3 Myth and Religion of the North, Gabriel Turville-Petre, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 1964, page 251.

4 The Culture of the Teutons, Vilhelm Gronbech, Vol 2, page 55. Out of print, publisher unknown.

5 Holy Grail Across the Atlantic: The Secret History of Canadian Discovery and Exploration, Michael Bradley, Hounslow Press, Canada, 1998.

6 Secret Sects of Syria and the Lebanon, Bernard H. Springett, Kegan Paul International Ltd, 2005.

Chateaux Des Amerois (Mothers of Darkness Castle

Chateau Des Amerois - MKULTRA, Illuminati Castle

Mothers Of Darkness Castle (rescued Images)
I guess I have an obsession with this castle, it appears that the owner does everything that they can to keep it invisible. Almost every image of it has been removed from the internet, as soon as a good video appears about it on Youtube it is aken down. The images here have been rescued from Google's cache, the view of the castle on Google Maps is interesting, it appears as a nondescript blue blob.

The images here have been rescued from Google's cache, the view of the castle on Google Maps is interesting (see left), it appears as a nondescript blue blob.

I've discovered through research that the castle is owned by Solvay, the people who provide us with controversial antidepressant, for example Prozac and Paroxetine. Drugs wh ich have been held responsible for the spurge of mass killings being witnessed in schools and universities around the world. Solvay also provide Children's camps across the globe and interestingly in Brussels. Would you trust these people to look after your child?

Data for Child Focus, Belgium
  • In 2008, Child Focus' case managers dealt with 2177 missing persons and sexual abuse files, involving in total 2388 children. Of these cases:
    • 1 041 files concerning runaways (1 053 children); of which 47% concern children between 13 and 15, and 12% concern children below 13;
    • 435 files concerned parental abductions (331 children);
    • 351 files concerned missing unaccompanied migrant minors;
    • 49 files concerned an effective abduction by a third person, of which 3 concerned abductions by total strangers;
    • 21 files concerned lost or otherwise missing children (24 children);
    • 280 files concerned cases of sexual abuse of children (294 children), of which nearly 60% concerned children below 12
Brussels throws out McCann's appeal for European missing child alert system

This article is interesting because Kate and Gerry McCann's appeal for an alert system to assist in finding missing children was rejected and instead member states will set up their own systems and work together to alert border officials and foreign police forces more quickly following child abductions.

This is a nonsense, obviously the best system would be a centralized database which authorities could access in the advent of a missing child, thereby having immediate access to the data rather than decentralized systems which do not work together. I find it horrifying to discover that you have more chance of finding a missing car than a missing child. There is something is a bit fishy here isn't there? Could it be that all these high profile individuals, Royal family members, politicians et al, do not want their perverse pedophilia games to end and they will do anything to enable their activities.

Look up the Detroux affair

A massive pedophile network came to light and was hushed up and 20 key witnesses "Commited Suicide"

Belgium Pedophilia Scandal /Did Authorities Cover Up Its Scope?
Barry James, International Herald Tribune , 16/12/1999

BRUSSELS - In Belgium, the X-Files refer not to the U.S. television series but to a series of horrific witness accounts of an alleged pedophile network.
The five women and the male transvestite who testified anonymously in Belgium under the code-name ''X '' described an underworld of snuff movies and sadomasochist torture
that was almost impossible to believe. And they said that politicians and other highly
placed members of society were involved.

The conventional wisdom is that the witnesses were either deranged or were recounting
fantasies. It was, in the jargon of psychiatrists, a bad case of false-memory syndrome.

• But a new book by three crime reporters, ''The X-Files: What Belgium Was Not
Supposed to Know About the Dutroux Affair,'' published in French and Dutch in
November, asserts that the X-witnesses were more credible than the conventional
wisdom suggests.

The cover up was so obvious that 300,000 Belgiums went to the streets to protest against the way the investigation was conducted. At least 3 families of the victims have been convinced there is a massive cover up and at least 20 crucial witness have 'committed suicide'. It seems to be very hard to get access to these X-files. Maybe that has to do with the fact that many senior officials have been named as participants in the above crimes, including members of the royal family and at least one former European Commissioner (name hasn't been made public). At the moment, I don't see how Springmeier or Wheeler could have gained access to these secret hearings, but we'll see where this story goes in the future. I'll also check out the place the first time I'm getting near it. The chateau is not named in the usual lists of Belgium castles. Pictures and references are in very short supply. (It's kept very well hid
, just why is that? unless these people have something to hide!)

Chateau des Amerois The castle was owned by Prince Philipp von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and later by the Solvay family. The Solvay family is one of the leading industrial families of Europe (producer of medicines, plastics, and chemicals like fluor). In their 1996 book, Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler (very unsure what to think of their information) referred to it as the 'Mothers of Darkness castle'.

Documentation which indicates that The Solvay family still own the castle. See following Hunting permit:

This obscure castle does indeed exist and has been named in late 1996 and early 1997 by at least one 'X' survivor of the Dutroux affair as a place where nasty things happened. Different witnesses who described child torture, child rape, child molestation, child hunting, and child murder have been declared 'mad', but only after all the original investigators were suddenly replaced. There were also multiple claims of sex parties that were held in different castles. It didn't matter that the witness accounts included many verifiable corroborative details and helped solve a couple of previous child murders.

Please do whatever research you can to expose this disgusting group of people, information appears everday about Satanic Ritual Abuse and everyday the information disappears, or get's buried on the Internet. Set up some Google Alerts about the Mothers of Darkness castle and publish the information on your blog, before it get's taken down.

Please comment on this blog, I could do with some help to expose these people.

Many thanks :)

Money as Debt

Money as Debt


We have all been told that money is created by the government for the people. That's a norm. The situation is much more different than it looks. This is like some kind secret knowledge where "anonymity is essential". IT's very important you come around this kind of knowledge once in a lifetime.

Actually there is no such thing. People just don't know , they are not told in TV , nor in school, what money is and how it is created . All they do is go after the money.

Most of the money is actually created not by the government but by private banks that are disguised as "central" banks. You know central banks are very common and they are everywhere. Almost all "central" banks slowly become "private" and that's a bad thing. There are, to my knowledge, very few countries in the world , who does not have a central bank controlled by a world banker. It could be direct or indirect control and there seems to be such a thing. You decide for yourself. This is important.

There are theories that stockholders of these central banks control the world. It consists of very old families , going up to hundreds of years , that has accumulated what they call "old money", now they are collecting lots of profit out of it. Taxes, interest, bonds. This is important knowledge.

It is very important to learn about what is going around, in terms of finance and banking. I think everybody should learn about this. It would be a great time investment.

People are always trying to make money online or in the day job thing. This is very important. Nobody wants to be left in the dust when it comes to money making.

These huge banks make money out of thin air apparenty. They force debt on people , then collect their interest. IT is quite ashaming when, you are very motivated to make money for yourself whereas there are people who are counterfeiting (almost.)

You will learn about this system of banking in this video. Youtube is the obvious web site for it. It's nice and humorous and will take only a few minutes.

Check out.

America's Illuminati Occult Conspiracy

America's Illuminati Occult Conspiracy

According to the internet there exists an occult conspiracy for a New World Order, which is the plan to enact a one world government under a fascist dictatorship and police state. This agenda for global domination is to be carried out using fear based propaganda and mind control psychology through the news media, entertainment, and pop-culture.

This New World Order is said to be the goal of the Illuminati, a secret society shrouded in mystery, magic, mysticism and myth. Rumor has it that, the Illuminati actually consists of several secret societies and fraternal orders compartmentalized into a pyramidal hierarchy of need-to-know and initiation.

These secret societies communicate through ancient occult symbols and rituals. Such esoteric symbolism can be seen everyday, hidden in plain sight within America’s architecture, corporate logos, and even money. The most infamous of such symbols is the “all-seeing eye” found on the pyramid depicted on the back of the one dollar bill. You will also find that underneath the pyramid is the Latin inscription “Novus Ordo Seclorum”, which has can be roughly translated to read “New World Order”.

The term “New World Order” is documented to be first used in a 1926 edition of the Saturday Evening Post by Edward M. House in relation to the Council on Foreign Relations, an organization said to be related to the New World Order conspiracy. George Bush Sr. has also used the phrase in his speech “Toward a New World Order” on September 11th 1990, a date synchronistic to the tragic events eleven years later. Such a “coincidence” has prompted even more controversy amongst New World Order conspiracy theories.

Many presidents of The United States of America were indeed members of the same fraternal order known as the brotherhood Freemasonry. Today, Freemasonry labels itself not as a secret society but rather a “society with secrets”. It is true that members of Freemasonry among other fraternal orders and secret societies communicate using such arcane codex which they have sworn upon oaths never to reveal.

The Bohemian Grove Club is an organization which includes some of the most powerful men in the world. The Bohemian Club meets each year in private campgrounds located in Sonoma County California. Bohemian Club’s elite members include Presidents Ronald Regan, Richard Nixon, George Bush Sr. and Bush Jr. as well as many media and entertainment industry executives. The culmination of this event ends with a ceremony in which a human effigy is ritualistically burned at an altar beside a forty-foot concrete statue of an owl. The owl itself is said to be connected to wisdom and the occult symbolism of the Illuminati. A depiction of an owl figure can be seen within the architecture of the streets surrounding the United States Capital in Washington D.C.

Another group connected to the New World Order is the Skull and Bones fraternal brotherhood out of Yale which members include once presidential contenders George W. Bush and John Kerry, whom are both cousins related by blood.

It is said that America is actually a corporation created by the European banking system and that America is run by the bloodlines of European royalty. Ancestral research shows that many of the presidents of the United States of America are in fact ancestrally related to European royalty and the British Royal family through descendants of Strongbow.

Symbolism and secrecy all seem to be key parts in the fascination for New World Order conspiracy theory. America’s fascination for conspiracy has increased in the past few years since the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. The range of these conspiracy theories run far and deep, yet many stem from the same lose ends and unanswered questions.

What can be scarier than these conspiracy theories is the reality that can be lost within some of the delusions regarding the Illuminati, the New World Order, secrecy and secret societies. New World Order and Illuminati conspiracy has become another niche in the entertainment industry world to escape within while the real tragedies occur across our communities and the globe. This could also be considered a New World Order conspiracy itself.

Palestine - the New Myth About Jordan

Palestine - the New Myth About Jordan

Jordan’s Prime Minister, Marouf al- Bakhit, has now added one new myth to the countless many concerning Palestine that have been invented by Arab propagandists.

Speaking at a recent seminar marking the 61st anniversary of Jordan’s independence, the Prime Minister asserted that everyone should realise that:

“this small country [Jordan] was not accidentally born nor was the outcome of deals,conferences or conspiracies.”

Jordan’s history is well documented and totally contradicts the Prime Minister‘s amazing assertion.

It was accidentally born in 1921 - as the emirate of Transjordan. It then comprised 77% of the area designated by Britain and France as “Palestine” after the First World War - the land in which the Jewish National Home was intended to be reconstituted almost 2000 years after the Jews had lost their biblical and ancestral homeland to foreign invaders and occupiers.

This noble plan was suddenly “postponed or withheld” in relation to Transjordan, when Britain changed tack and proceeded to transform Transjordan into an “Arab province or adjunct of Palestine”, as Winston Churchill described it at the time. However it still remained part of Palestine until independence was granted by Britain in 1946 but the Jews were prohibited from settling there.

What was postponed or withheld became permanent after 1946.

The Jews were then left to reconstitute their homeland in just 23% of the area originally allotted to them - a miniscule 28000 square kilometres. The Arabs had ended up with the other 92000 square kilometres of Palestine as an exclusively Arab State but this did not and never has satisfied the Arabs. Some wanted and still demand a greater share and others want the lot.

Jordan was indeed the outcome of deals, conferences and conspiracies - a pay off by the British, following the Cairo Conference, to Emir Abdullah, second son of Sharif Hussein of Mecca - to stop Abdullah and his armed band of followers transiting through Transjordan on their way to Damascus to help his brother Feisal in a struggle against the French who had taken control of Syria in the break up of the Ottoman Empire.

Former US President Jimmy Carter best summed up Jordan’s history in Time on 11 October 1982 when he said:

“As a nation, it is a contrivance, arbitrarily devised by a few strokes of the pen.”

One could equally apply Carter’s statement to Syria (independent only since 1946), Iraq (1932), Saudi Arabia (1932) and Lebanon (1943) - all nations created from the vast tracts of the Ottoman Empire allocated to the Arabs by the British and the French simultaneously with the allocation of Palestine to the Jews at the end of World War 1.

Deals, conferences and conspiracies certainly abounded at the time of Jordan’s birth and still exist today when it comes to Jordan and the role it has to play in resolving the Arab -Israel conflict.

The Jordanian Prime Minister ’s statement appears to be trying to distance Jordan from the current woes of the West Bank and Gaza - just 5% of former Palestine and 15 times smaller than the large chunk of former Palestine that Jordan now occupies.

Denying Jordan’s Palestinian parentage and lineage draws a line in the sand. It sends a message to both Hamas and Fatah to not be tempted to try attacking and wresting control of Jordan from its current rulers, as the idea of a separate State in the West Bank and Gaza now slowly fades into the sunset of history.

King Abdullah of Jordan is well aware of this nightmare scenario.

Yasser Arafat tried to do it in 1970 to Abdullah’s father King Hussein from inside Jordan and failed dismally leaving thousands dead in the process.

Now Jordan could face such a threat externally if the chaos, lawlessness, murder and mayhem occurring in Gaza spreads to the West Bank as Messrs Haniyeh and Abbas find themselves engaging in an undeclared war with Israel that they cannot possibly win.

Firing Kassam rockets into Jordan from the West Bank and making terrorist incursions into Jordan could well mirror what is happening in Israel if steps are not taken to prevent jihadist groups taking root in the West Bank.

Preserving the territorial integrity of Jordan and the safety and welfare of its citizens, all of whom are Arabs of Palestinian descent from either eastern or western Palestine, has been King Abdullah’s and his family’s sacred duty since that day back in 1921 when his great-grandfather was induced to remain in Transjordan under British patronage and protection.

Because of their efforts Jordan has been preserved as an exclusively Arab state in 77% of historic Palestine.

61 years of Arab rejectionism since Jordan’s independence in 1946 wasted in attempting to conquer all or part of the remaining 23% have brought the Arab population nothing but misery and suffering.

King Abdullah understands that both Israel and Jordan now have common enemies that are seeking their downfall.

He told Acting Israeli President Dalia Itzik just that only recently.

King Abdullah now appears to be setting the stage for a return to the Arab occupied areas of the West Bank, which Jordan last occupied from 1948 to 1967, as a necessary counter to stop any threat to his country and the relative peace and tranquillity it has enjoyed since it signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1994.

Jordan’s Prime Minister does not have to re-write history to justify the continuing rule of Jordan under its current leadership and the role it must play - as the successor state in 77% of historic Palestine - in resolving who will ultimately be allocated sovereignty in the West Bank.

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YouTube - Mothers Of Darkness Castle in Belgium
This video is about the Mothers Of Darkness located near the village of
Muno in Belgium.

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Poems For Deceased Mothers. Her Blue Body Everything We.
... not only of deceased royalty and those with writing talent sometimes
create short poems this castle is referred to as the mothers-of-darkness
castle. ...

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Twitter / noworldorder: MKULTRA - Mothers of Darkn ...
MKULTRA - Mothers of Darkness Castle, scary stuff!
... MKULTRA - Mothers of Darkness Castle, scary stuff! ...

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