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Money as Debt

Money as Debt


We have all been told that money is created by the government for the people. That's a norm. The situation is much more different than it looks. This is like some kind secret knowledge where "anonymity is essential". IT's very important you come around this kind of knowledge once in a lifetime.

Actually there is no such thing. People just don't know , they are not told in TV , nor in school, what money is and how it is created . All they do is go after the money.

Most of the money is actually created not by the government but by private banks that are disguised as "central" banks. You know central banks are very common and they are everywhere. Almost all "central" banks slowly become "private" and that's a bad thing. There are, to my knowledge, very few countries in the world , who does not have a central bank controlled by a world banker. It could be direct or indirect control and there seems to be such a thing. You decide for yourself. This is important.

There are theories that stockholders of these central banks control the world. It consists of very old families , going up to hundreds of years , that has accumulated what they call "old money", now they are collecting lots of profit out of it. Taxes, interest, bonds. This is important knowledge.

It is very important to learn about what is going around, in terms of finance and banking. I think everybody should learn about this. It would be a great time investment.

People are always trying to make money online or in the day job thing. This is very important. Nobody wants to be left in the dust when it comes to money making.

These huge banks make money out of thin air apparenty. They force debt on people , then collect their interest. IT is quite ashaming when, you are very motivated to make money for yourself whereas there are people who are counterfeiting (almost.)

You will learn about this system of banking in this video. Youtube is the obvious web site for it. It's nice and humorous and will take only a few minutes.

Check out.


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