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The Deceptions of Barack Obama

The Deceptions of Barack Obama

The Obama Deception is a growing phenomena which articulates his ibvolvement with the progression of the New World Order and links to the groups which run the world's financial systems.There are many significant reports which uncover some of the latest developments with the movement towards a new global world order and its impact on every day citizens. The New World is a plan to transition the world from its present state to one of a global police state which will have tremendous control over the masses, as alluded to in Revelation 13. obama deceptions clearly contribute to this coming fulfillment.According to many politicial figure heads such as Henry Kissinger, the choice of Obama to take the world into a new world order is one which has been met with full approval. This comes at a time when the world financial systems have experienced significant melt down and the requirement for a more regulated world economic model has become a priority.It is a growing phenomena that obama's deceptions have been totally ignored by the mainstream media and cast a lull over the unsuspecting.The New World Order has been used as a political concept since the early 1990s and has enjoyed a strong resurgence in early 2009 with calls for a new global financial model. However the dark side to its interpretation is one which is the creation of a socialist global government system in fulfillment of bible.There are variations amongst adherents as to how the New World Order will be implemented. Some believe the New World Order will be controlled by a European Super State. Others believe it will be founded on the principles of the Club of Rome under the Illuminati. Other bible prophecy scholars feel it could be a resurgence of an islamic confederation, America as a fulfillment of Revelation 18, commercial babylon, whilst other believe that the Vatican and Jesuit Order will have some involvement.Whilst there may be differences of opinion regarding how the New World Order will be implemented, the common thread across all views is that the New World Order is ultimately evil and is designed to enslave the masses under dictatorial control.The Mark of the Beast is defined in the Bible as a system of economic control and the recent G20 Summit will undoubtedly be the trigger for the formation of a system of economic global governance.


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