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[ParanoidTimes] Israel's Religion ? ... None Dare Call It Judaism

"With Judaism however, no such provisions exist.
Like no other religion (the lone possible
exception being those practiced by brutal empires
of the past that made the barbaric business of
human sacrifice the centerpiece of their religious
and cultural identity) Judaism is by definition a
two-tiered caste system of predator and prey whose
sole purpose is the support, advancement,
empowerment and enrichment of Jews at the expense
of Gentile untouchables. Like no other religion,
Judaism openly and without ambiguity commands and
commends violence–including in the extreme–against
those who transgress its objectives. Like
ice-cream in Hell, there are no such commodities
as 'tolerance' and 'non-judgmentalism' when it
comes to 'another man's religion' nor creatures
such as 'live and let live'.

No, in Mundus Judaicus there is only Yahweh, his
commandments and the people he 'chose' as the
enforcers of this two-tiered, predator/prey caste
system, a system that could not spell the word
'mercy' if the letters making up that word were
the only letters in existence and which is simply
referred to as 'the law'.

Yes, that's correct–'Jihad', 'terror', 'conversion
by the sword' and other terminology with which
virtually all people these days are intimately
acquainted do indeed exist, but not as Islamic
concepts, but rather Judaic ones. In fact, if one
really wanted to get 'historical' about it,
Judaism was/is the 'big bang' from which these
types of extremism originated, where backwards,
unenlightened people–driven by particular and
peculiar religious ideas–justify violence, theft,
and any other mechanism deemed necessary for the
group under the guise that their 'god' has
commanded it.

Therefore, as crazy as it indeed sounds, in the
case of Israel and her people, they truly are–as
they are fond of lecturing the world on a regular
basis–blameless, not only with regards to this
latest massacre, but all those preceding and all
those that will inevitably follow. Not in the
sense that innocent people weren't killed
(deliberately and horrifically so) nor that it was
someone other than the Jewish state and her people
who committed these crimes, but rather 'blameless'
in the sense that all of this was/is the direct
result of religious teachings thousands of years
along in the germination process that only now are
circumstantially permitted to be put into
practical, political, real-time use. Since it is
indeed within the Judaic religious
paradigm–discussed often by Judaism's long-bearded
'doctors of the law', meaning the Rabbinate–that
Gentiles are (technically speaking) not human
beings per se but rather animals created in human
form so as to better serve the Jewish people, ergo
no such crime as 'murder' has been committed by
the Jewish state–in Gaza or wherever–and therefore
she, through her various spokespersons and
supporters, can indeed say with a straight face
that she remains blameless in the matter.

Truly, it is a case of 'not guilty by reason of
insanity' and puts Jesus Christ's entire 'Forgive
them Father, for they know not what they do'
commentary in a completely new light."


full article:

Zionist Terrorism, from the Book of Genesis to present day Gaza and beyond–None Dare Call it Judaism



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