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[ParanoidTimes] North Korea Didn't Do 'Sony Hack' - Marketing Madness: Freedom's Heroes Flock to the Cancer Sell

 Is the FBI Wrong about North Korea Hacking Sony?

We Can Conclusively Confirm North Korea Was Not Behind Sony Hack
Sony hack was an inside job.

Marketing Madness:

Americans See Selves as Freedom's Heroes as They Flock to Watch a Lousy Comedy

By Dave Lindorff

Is it just me or does anyone else think like me
that this whole uproar over the supposed foreign
"threat" to Americans' freedom in the form of
warnings against showing a low-brow Hollywood
comedy, "The Interview" is a pathetic farce?

It hit bottom for me today when I read in the New
York Times that viewers who flocked to one theater
to see this over-hyped movie kicked it off by
collectively pledging Allegiance and singing "My
Country 'Tis of Thee."

First of all, let me point out that if the tables
had been turned and some other country's film
industry had cranked out some movie depicting the
assassination of the current president of the
United States, does anyone think that the US
government would not go ballistic in protest, no
doubt threatening trade boycotts or worse -- maybe
drone attacks on the studio in question?
(Certainly that would be a possibility if the
offending nation were Islamic.)

But on top of this, we already know that the
initial claim that the threats against theaters
showing the film, and the hack of Sony, the film
company that made the movie, was wrong, and that
they were not the work of the North Korean
government, but rather of some private hacking
organization. It wouldn't surprise me to someday
discover that Sony, stuck with what looked like a
dog, paid some shady outfit to hack them and make
threats all in order to build "buzz" around the
film's release.

Whatever or whoever it was behind the threats
against this film, it worked like a charm.
Americans, who probably would have ignored this
movie like a remake of "Ishtar," have been
flocking to it in a jingoistic fervor to watch Kim
Jong-un's head explode, even as the US government,
which had been threatening retaliation against
North Korea, has now had to back away from those
threats as it becomes clearer that Pyongyang was
not behind them.

What is really sad though, is to see US citizens
proudly emptying their wallets for inflated
tickets to see this sorry production (which was
actually censored in its depiction of the
exploding of Korean dictator Kim's head by SONY
executives long before North Korea even protested
about the film) and crowing that they are
"standing tall" against threats to American
"freedom of expression."

Where were these supposed heroes of free
expression when Washington was pressing the cable
companies not to include the English version of Al
Jazeera in cable packages? Where were they when we
learned, in 2004, that the Bush/Cheney
administration had successfully pressured the NY
Times to withhold from publishing, from September
until after the presidential election, an
exclusive article by reporter James Risen that the
NSA was massively spying on all Americans --
keeping that issue out of public discourse until
Bush was successfully--and narrowly -- re-elected?

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