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[ParanoidTimes] Does 'Washington' Intend War With Russia ? – PCR Interviewed by The Saker

The Saker: It has become rather obvious to many,
if not most, people that the USA is not a
democracy or a republic, but rather a plutocracy
run by a small elite which some call "the 1%".
Others speak of the "deep state". So my first
question to you is the following. Could you please
take the time to assess the influence and power of
each of the following entities one by one. In
particular, can you specify for each of the
following whether it has a decision-making "top"
position, or a decision-implementing "middle"
position in the real structure of power (listed in
no specific order)

Federal Reserve
Big Banking
Council on Foreign Relations
Skull & Bones
Goldman Sachs and top banks
"Top 100 families" (Rothschild, Rockefeller, Dutch
Royal Family, British Royal Family, etc.)
Israel Lobby
Freemasons and their lodges
Big Business: Big Oil, Military Industrial
Complex, etc.
Other people or organizations not listed above?
Who, which group, what entity would you consider
is really at the apex of power in the current US

Paul Craig Roberts: The US is ruled by private
interest groups and by the neoconservative
ideology that History has chosen the US as the
"exceptional and indispensable" country with the
right and responsibility to impose its will on the

In my opinion the most powerful of the private
interest groups are:
The Military/security Complex
The 4 or 5 mega-sized "banks too big to fail" and
Wall Street
The Israel Lobby
The Extractive industries (oil, mining, timber).

The interests of these interest groups coincide
with those of the neoconservatives. The
neoconservative ideology supports American
financial and military-political imperialism or

There is no independent American print or TV
media. In the last years of the Clinton regime,
90% of the print and TV media was concentrated in
6 mega-companies. During the Bush regime, National
Public Radio lost its independence. So the media
functions as a Ministry of Propaganda.

Both political parties, Republicans and Democrats,
are dependent on the same private interest groups
for campaign funds, so both parties dance to the
same masters. Jobs offshoring destroyed the
manufacturing and industrial unions and deprived
the Democrats of Labor Union political
contributions. In those days, Democrats
represented the working people and Republicans
represented business.

The Federal Reserve is there for the banks, mainly the large ones

read full interview:
The Saker Interviews PCR
Does Washington Intend War With Russia–PCR Interviewed by The Saker


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