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[ParanoidTimes] The Real Reasons For the Iran Agreement ?

Washington has belatedly realized that the concocted Iranian and Muslim threats
are using up time, energy, and resources that Washington needs to apply to Russia and China.


Perhaps This Is Obama's Grand Strategy ?

These questions are not hyperbollic. Clearly,
Obama is a brilliant and enormously successful
liar. Clearly, benign interpretations of his
Presidency are either stupid or lying, and they
can't explain in any intelligently credible way
his actions, nor comport his actions with his
words. For some reason, Americans assume that they
should continue trusting him, and much of the rest
of the world does, too, even though he is on
record as being a strong defender of lying in
political matters — he believes that politicians
have an unlimited right to lie to the public.



It always helps to start with the truth, and in
Iran's case, the truth is quite simple. Iran has
no nuclear weapons, it has no nuclear weapons
program, and it's never been caught diverting
nuclear fuel for other purposes. Iran has pursued
nuclear technology for peaceful purposes alone.

These are the facts. They may not jibe with the
lies propagated in the western media, but they are
the facts all the same. Iran is not guilty of
anything. It's merely a victim of Washington's
power-crazy attempt to control vital resources in
the Middle East and enhance Israel's regional
hegemony. That's what's really going on. It's all
geopolitics. It has nothing to do with nukes.

Why Obama Wants to Lift Sanctions on Iran

       "It is essential to recognize that Iran
does not currently have a nuclear weapons program,
nor does it possess a nuclear weapon. On February
26, James Clapper, the director of national
intelligence, told the Senate Armed Services
Committee that Ayatollah Khomenei, the supreme
leader of Iran, ended his country's nuclear
weapons program in 2003 and "as far as we know,
he's not made the decision to go for a nuclear
weapon." This repeats the "high-confidence"
judgement of the U.S. Intelligence Community (IC)
that was first made in November 2007."

    -Micah Zenko, Putting Iran's Nuclear Program
in Context, Council on Foreign Relations

Is the Iran Nukes Deal Aimed at Crushing Putin?


Negotiations to remove Putin.
U.S. Conspiring With Russian Oligarchs to Overthrow Putin, Says Duma Member
White House & American corporations behind conspiracy to spark astroturf revolution which will lead to Ukraine-style coup

To understand the enduring influence of the neocons
- and the Kagan clan, in particular -
you have to appreciate the money connections between the business of war and the business of selling war.


Wake up and smell the coffee - or at the very
least stop standing in the way as good people try
to build opposition to US-NATO aggression.

Can't Deny the Obvious US-NATO Aggression- B.Gagnon - July 13 20t5

German Diplomat - Americans use OSCE for reconnaissance and espionage | Eng Subs

OSCE: Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe


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