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[ParanoidTimes] Apocalypse Hillary - Nuclear War For Criminal Clintons/al-Qaida cover-up? -

Apocalypse Hillary
"Will Washington risk nuclear war to protect al-Qaida?"


The Danger of Nuclear War between USA and Russia
Global Research, October 18, 2016 -  Selected Articles:

American Officials Just Provoked WW3 to Protect the Clintons?!?

From: "
Hillary knew Saudi Arabia armed ISIS & donated $25 million to Clinton Foundation

WikiLeaks Reveals WHO Has Been Funding ISIS, And It Leads STRAIGHT To Hillary

BUSTED: Hillary Clinton knew Qatar, Saudi Arabia armed ISIS

Assange: "1700 Hillary's emails connect her to Arm sales to ISIS"
11 min. video
Wikileaks Says They Have 1,700 Emails Proving Hillary Clinton Knew about U.S. Military Weapons Shipments to Al Qaeda and ISIS
Wikileaks confirms Hillary sold arms to ISIS
Daily Times Nigerian Newspaper

WikiLeaks CONFIRMS Hillary Sold Weapons to ISIS... Then Drops Another BOMBSHELL!

Assange: Why I Created WikiLeaks' Searchable Database of 30,000 Emails from Clinton's Private Server | Democracy Now!


Lots of videos: 5 Wikileaks Revelations That Should've Tanked Hillary's Campaign


Will the US-Created ISIS Attack Americans on US Soil?


The Big Con: Democrats vs Republicans - -
Vehicle For Zionism PNAC Agenda
Will The Crazy Zionists Execute The 'Sampson Option' Threat?

You're either with us or against us /  there will be no due processing!

Will The Crazy Zionists Execute The 'Sampson Option' Threat?

Tired of Terrorism Yet?



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