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Re: [ParanoidTimes] Fwd: Breaking: Butcher of Waco (Rest In Torment)

The Waco slaughter was a defining moment in American history, a turning point. It signaled to Joe Six Pack that all was not fine in the USA.
Senate hearings showing photos of tanks ramming the back of the church with people caught in the
treads of the tank. The press kept back miles away. BATF arriving, guns blazing. Photos showing
the government lied when they said they were met with fire. All the windows closed at the church
with no one at the windows. The front door riddled with bullets in the photo. No warrant issued.
Helicopters firing through the roof before the BATF arrived. Bullet holes in top of skulls of victims.
The destruction of evidence by the Clinton lead government.

I applaud the fact that she is having her life reviewed by the judge of the universe. She will see first hand. truth and justice!
I wonder if the charred, leering faces of her victims rushed to greet her; their teeth gleaming white and sharp.
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Subject: [ParanoidTimes] Fwd: Breaking: Butcher of Waco (Rest In Torment)

Ominous timing!

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Janet Reno, former US attorney general under President Bill Clinton, died after a long battle with Parkinson's disease, her sister says. She was 78.


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