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[ParanoidTimes] Terrorism and Terror Propaganda in 2016

Terrorism and Terror Propaganda in 2016
Dec 29, 2016 by Kevin Ryan

There were only three terrorist events in the
United States in 2016 and only one resulted in
deaths. That is not reason to celebrate, however,
as it is clear that many Americans have not
learned much about terrorism since 9/11. Moreover,
the U.S. will see a new president that desperately
needs to improve his public image and it should be
considered how that was accomplished for George W.
Bush. A review of U.S. terrorist events since last
December is therefore worthwhile as is a look at
one of the leading propagandists behind the
nation's terrorism narrative.


The one fatal terrorist incident in 2016 was the
June shooting in an Orlando nightclub that ended
in the deaths of 50 people. It was the deadliest
act of terrorism in the United States since 9/11.
The two other attacks were non-fatal but features
of the attacks and the official accounts given
reflected a familiar pattern in U.S terrorist



In Orlando, the suspect was quickly killed and the
official account immediately attempted to blame
the attacks on Islam. However, there were some
alarming unanswered questions about the suspect
including that he had posed in "selfies" wearing
clothes with NYPD insignias. Additionally, Mateen
worked for a security firm that operated like a
special operations military outfit and the FBI had
assessed his potential for terrorism on at least
three separate occasions. Mateen's employer, G4S,
was linked to many other terrorist acts including 9/11.


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