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[ParanoidTimes] Important facts about Donald Trump and a heartfelt request ?

Dear friends - I am writing this special blog for
the people in my online community who seem to
despise President Trump and who resist, often with
great venom, the possibility that Trump may
actually bring very beneficial changes to America.
In response to the naysayers, I have put together
a list of things that have recently occurred
thanks to President Trump. These changes have
occurred in just the last few days, with President
Trump being in office only four days. Although
this list is not all-inclusive, if he can do this
much in 4 days, imagine what he can do in 4 years.

I have also gathered a few links below filled with
Jewish hysterics and kvetching -- all indicating
that many Jews are terrified of a Trump
presidency. From where I am sitting, this is a
very good thing. If organized Jewry does not like
Trump, that is all the more reason for true
Americans to love him.

Please glance through all the links, read the ones
that seem important to you, and share, share, share.

Important facts about Donald Trump and a heartfelt request


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