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Re: [ParanoidTimes] Claim: '3 intelligence sources' say Obama used Brits to spy on Trump

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I believe Trump is a Freemason. I once saw a video where he stated that. Of course, Trump appointed Betsy Devos as The Secretary of Education. Betsy Devos's brother, Eric Prince, is President of what was once known as Blackwater Inc Mercenaries. Eric Prince, long ago, threatened Keith Olbermann from MSNBC. You should be able to find those videos on YouTube.

Of course, Mr. Steve Bannon from Brietbart ran President Donald Trump's Campaign. Is not Breitbart also known as CPAC. Of course, some call them Neo Conservatives or Neo Cons for short. Barbara Honegger that started The Tea Party stated that Neo Cons had infiltrated The Tea Party after their initial protest on December 16th, 2006. Of course, that is when it sort of strayed off into forming The Ron Paul Revolution. Our media even stated that Ron Paul started The Tea Party. However, Barbara Honegger was the actual person that started, "The Boston Tea Party For 9/11 Truth" where they protested along with an air traffic whistle blower that was present. Many of them wore wigs like those our Founding Fathers wore during their protest march. They even made a large look-a-like book resembling the "911 Commission" book where they were supposed to throw the book into the harbor but later announced when they arrived at the harbor that they didn't want to polute, so they threw a smaller version of the book, probably made out of cardboard, into the harbor.

Another thing that Facebook was blocking when Trump ran for President was a documentary called, "You've Been Trumped." Also, Donald Trump also defends Israel at all costs even if that means covering up Netanyahu's War Crimes against Palestinians in Gaza that so many people have spoken of around the world. Burying things under a rug is not what our Founding Fathers would have done. Of course, I'm a direct descendant of Roger Williams, The Founder of Rhode Island and Founder of The First Baptist Church through my mom, Madeleen Florence Parent. My mom's maiden name is Boone from Geary, NB. We go back to a William Boone that moved to New Brunswick from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. William was the son of Samuel Boone Jr who married Mary Wightman whom were also from North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Samuel Boone Jr's sister, Martha, married Captain Samuel Rhodes. Mary Wightman was the daughter of John Wightman and Jane Bentley who were direct descendants of a once Famous Reverend Valentine Wightman who married Susannah Holmes that you can find through Freepages Ancestry. Susannah was the great grand daughter of Roger Williams, The Founder of Rhode Island and also The Founder of The First Baptist Church ever built. 

Of course, none of my ancestry seems to matter to anyone through our media or in Washington D.C. even though I figured out who took over America with the help of others that research day in and day out. People will never change what is happening in America until they deal with the root of the problem. Of course, it appears that nobody wants to touch base on The Jewish Rothschild Bankers. According to G. Edward Griffin's book, "The Creature From Jekyll Island," The Rothschild Bankers along with The Morgans, Rockefellers, and Warburgs were the ones that met on Jekyll Island at The Jekyll Club to discuss the creation of our central bank here in America called our Federal Reserve. Of course, Wayne Paul, Ron Paul's brother, once stated on a YouTube video that only 3 senators were present to sign our Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23rd, 1913. Of course, The ADL was formed in October of 1913. Oh what a coincidence. Of course, was the ADL formed to guard against antisemitism, or was it formed to create propaganda to hide secrets from the past like what is written in The Jewish Encyclopedia regarding Mayer Rothschild and that he was an agent for Prince William Landgrave IX of Hesse Cassel that funded British Troops against The American Revolution. Of course, President Jackson also once fought The Rothschild Bankers calling them "a den of vipers and thieves." It was President John Quincy Adams that founded The Anti Mason Party in the early 1800s. President Jackson took over President Adam's Anti Mason Party which formed due to Captain William's murder at Lake Ontario. However, are we dealing with Freemasons or are we dealing with The Iluminati? According to the book, "Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison A.M. 1798," Adam Weishaupt's Illuminati once infiltrated top levels of The Freemasons and The Vatican long ago. Of course, there are other clues as well like that French movie called, "Occult Forces" from 1943 as well as Freemason Jews mentioned at The Nuremberg Trials. Heck, they even mentioned Freemason Jews in Alec Baldwin's film called Nuremberg. Of course, they also mentioned a conspiracy by David Rockefeller to take over the world through one of Barney Miller's TV episodes from 1981 when they talked about The Trilateral Commission that many protested against in the streets of NY City, especially Luke Rudkoski's "We Are Change."

Of course, you might want to look into Simon Wolf, Abe Lincoln's Jewish Attorney, that was arrested for espionage after trading with southern Jews which is also mentioned on the Jewish Historical Society of Greater Washington's website online. Of course, not too many people ever mention that John Wilkes Booth's sister ran a Jewish Synagogue. I have to wonder who John Wilkes Booth was fleeing to in the south. Too bad they killed him. They may have found more answers if they hadn't killed him. Of course, I also wonder about Alonzo Rothschild that wrote the book, "Honest Abe" since his ancestry is foggy. I could only find his son John who fared well in the travel industry. Of course, The Rothschild bankers that ran The House of Rothschild did have investment in the West and East India Slave Trade like through The Freshfield Family out of London. With Abe Lincoln trying to do away with slavery, that would have made a few bankers weary. Of course, I also read through a book online that The Rothschild Bankers offered a loan to Abe Lincoln at up to 36% interest to help fund The Civil War, in which, infuriated President Lincoln. Supposedly, that is why President Lincoln worked with Colonel Baker to come out with Greenbacks at "no interest." That too would have angered The Rothschild Bankers. Abe Lincoln was also once a lawyer for The Illinois Railroad. Of course, The Railroad tycoons were also into slavery. Abe Lincoln may have made a few enemies especially in the banking empires. Of course, at a time when many Jews were against slavery, B'nai B'rith was not. Simon Wolf was also a member of B'nai B'rith which still exists today. B'nai B'rith which formed in the 1850s was much like the ADL formed in 1913. Of course, Simon Wolf was a spokesman for The Washington Congregation of Hebrews, and even Abe Lincoln once helped to pardon a man for Simon Wolf. Too bad he got caught trading with the enemy. Of course, those things they'll never mention in our History Channel. They are now trying to call Abe Lincoln a tyrant and make the Rockefellers look like saints on The Travel Channel. Well, I'm getting a little fed up by those in our government that are trying to change history to their own liking. Of course, our History Channel doesn't mention that 6 million Jews were mentioned in The NY Times before Hitler became chancellor in 1933 as seen through a video on YouTube titled, "6 million Jews." Of course, there is another video where President Ronald Reagan contested against that 6 million Jew figure through his interview with RFK in 1967. Of course, there are also mainstream media videos from FOX, CNN, and MSNBC on The 5 Dancing Israelis that were caught near The George Washington Bridge. Those videos aired on TV prior to December, 2001. Of course, one of the mainstream News videos was filmed on the day of 09/11/01. Of course, through FOX News, they mentioned The Israeli Art Students once....Just once!!! There is a book about those Israeli Art Students called Methodical Deceptions. 

On Thursday, March 16, 2017 9:33 AM, " [ParanoidTimes]" <> wrote:


Former President Obama used the British to spy on President Trump 
– both as a presidential candidate and as president-elect –
to avoid having American "fingerprints" on the scandal,
according to Fox News judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano.

He says three intelligence sources have confirmed the bombshell revelations.

Claim: '3 intelligence sources' say Obama used Brits to spy on Trump
Judge Napolitano: 'There's no American fingerprints on this' 

Congress Created a Monster

Ex CIA Dr Michael Scheuer׃ "Obama Was Behind Fisa Warrant On Trump"


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