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Re: [ParanoidTimes] AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent

Dear Shawn,

Denial / cover-up has cost us so many more murdered/wasted lives, etc.  Your request is disturbing.

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Let's hope, for the sake of those poor souls, that the actual perpetrators of 9/11 are eventually brought to account.

On 23-Jul-17 12:23 AM, Shawn Rothwell [ParanoidTimes] wrote:
Dear smacko9,

The graphic nature of  American people leaping to their death was the most disturbing scene of our era , this is a disruptive video and I hope you don't show this again

On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 11:25 PM, [ParanoidTimes]
Hi Shawn,

I am not clear on what you are asking?
Please elaborate.

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On Wed, Jul 19, 2017 at 1:40 AM, [ParanoidTimes]
Deer smack 09,
Watching this video again makes me so miserable I work for 20 years in a Jewish corporate building and watching this video of horrible memories I don't want ever remember that miserable time in American history, and everything that happened afterwards.
I hope you will take this into consideration with posting these videos and maybe be more considerate to people that are sensitive to this sort of graphic art.
I am a son of immigrant family of Irish Scottish laborer.
Thank you

Let's Make 9/11 'Jewish Remembrance Month!'

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Subject: [ParanoidTimes] AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent


AIPAC Still Our Biggest Foreign Agent
Senate Hearing on Foreign Agents Registration Act
by Grant Smith, July 18, 2017


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