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Illuminati Fact or Fiction?

Illuminati Fact or Fiction?

Illuminati [Lat.,=enlightened], rationalistic society founded in Germany soon after 1776 by Adam Weishaupt, a professor at Ingolstadt, having close affinities with the Freemasons and seemingly organized on a Masonic plan. While briefly very popular among German rationalists, it had limited influence. The Roman Catholic Church, which Weishaupt left in his youth and rejoined before his death, condemned the Illuminati; in 1785 the Bavarian government dissolved the organization. It did not long survive. In Spain and Italy in the 15th and 16th cents. the term Illuminati, or Alumbrado, referred to persons claiming direct communion with the Holy Spirit, so asserting that outward forms of religious life are unnecessary. Their claims led to persecution by the Inquisition. Other groups using the name have included the Rosicrucians , and certain followers of Jakob Boehme and Emmanuel Swedenborg .

Looking into the Illuminati takes you on a weird and diverse journey through many credible websites and some extremely "wacko" ones. I often wonder if some of the conspiracy theorists are really Illuminati creating ridiculous theories to make the whole thing seem less credible.

The Illuminati appears synonymous with the New World Order ("New World Order" refers to a new period of history evidencing a dramatic change in world political thought and the balance of power. However, in conspiracy theory, the term "New World Order" (the capital letters are distinguishing) refers to the advent of a cryptocratic or totalitarian world government. Source


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