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Satanic Ritual Abuse - Does it exist?

Satanic Ritual Abuse - Definition according to Wikipedia: "Satanic ritual abuse (SRA, sometimes known as ritual abuse, ritualistic abuse, organised abuse, sadistic abuse refers to a moral panic that originated in the United States in the 1980s, spreading throughout the country and eventually to many parts of the world, before subsiding in the late 1990s. Allegations of SRA involved reports of physical and sexual abuse of individuals in the context of occult or satanic rituals. At its most extreme definition, SRA involved a world-wide conspiracy involving the wealthy and powerful of the world elite in which children were abducted or bred for sacrifices, pornography and prostitution."

It's interesting when you search for Satanic Ritual Abuse on the Internet, it appears that it simply doesn't exist. Apparently the victims are making it up, their memories are at fault, or they have been coerced by social workers or concerned parents.

Regina Louf: Extract from an interview by
Annemie Bulté and Douglas de Coninck, 10 January 1998

We’ve been talking for a long time and the word Satanism still hasn’t come up.

XI: "An amusing subject at last! (She poses as a ‘governess’). Alright then, Satanism. Put yourself in the torturers’ shoes. When they received new victims into their network, it was extremely important that they shouldn’t speak to anyone about what had happened to them. That’s why they organised ‘ceremonies’. They took the victim to a heavily guarded house and convinced her that it was ‘her’ party. There would then be a great performance with masks, candles, inverted crosses, swords and animals. Rabbits were disembowelled, the blood was poured on naked girls, and some men and women worshipped the devil. We, the experienced girls, were doubled up with laughter when we saw them busy with their carnival masks. ‘They’ve got their vampire costumes on again,’ we would say. I don’t think the torturers got much pleasure out of it. They preferred to be completely naked rather than going round in latex costumes. The only aim of these rituals was to totally disorient the victims. They plagued these kids with a load of nonsense - ‘Now you are the wife of Satan’ – and also gave them coke, LSD or heroin. I can assure you that after that you feel completely outside the real world. That was the aim – that the victim herself should begin to doubt the fact that all this had really happened. The result was that the victims didn’t dare speak to anyone."


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