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The Biggest Stock Market Secret: Don't Place Another Trade Until you Understand This!

The Biggest Stock Market Secret: Don't Place Another Trade Until you Understand This!

This could be the most shocking article you've read for a very long time.

When you discover he biggest stock market secret of all, it could undermine everything you believe about trading in stocks. It could also completely turn your trading around by removing the "gambling" element almost entirely, and turning your losses into profits overnight.

Whether you're currently an active investor or not, you'll know the basics of how most people play the stock market. It can be summed up in two words.



You might laugh, but you know it's true!

They get a 'hot tip' from a newspaper, a tip sheet, a guy in a bar, wherever, and they go ahead and buy the stock. Then, they wait and hope and pray that it goes up, and IF it does, they sell and collect a profit.

It's not exactly what you'd call a strategy, now is it?

Of course, there are traders who work far more sophisticated strategies than "Buy & Pray". They might use charts and technical analysis and work their trades on moving averages, Fibonacci lines, Bollinger bands and so on. They might go short occasionally to profit from an expected downward move, but the "gambling" element is still there – decide which direction the stock is likely to move in, and take a position on that basis.

If you're right, fantastic! If you're wrong, it's more of your trading capital down the tubes, and back to the drawing board for the next trade.

Why do people trade this way?

Well, I've done quite an in-depth study of this, and here's what I've found. Most people trade a direction because they think they're right (of course!) and because they don't know any other way of trading.

Even more fundamentally, though, there is an underlying belief that says,

"There are people in the world who can accurately and consistently predict the direction of any given stock or market. If I work at it hard enough, I'll eventually become one of them."

(And the nagging question here, of course, is whether "eventually" will come around before the trading capital runs out!)

So here's the biggest stock market secret…

NO ONE has the ability to accurately and consistently predict the direction of any given stock or market, and so it doesn't matter how long you trade for, you'll NEVER attain this ability!

I did warn you, didn't I? You might want to re-read that a couple of times, just to let it sink in.

And then you'll find a question emerging from the gloom – So, now what??

Well, if no one can predict the direction of the market, how to those 'in the know' trade? The answer is perhaps the second-biggest stock market secret.

The reality is, the "smart money" does NOT trade the direction of the market. The "smart money" trades only in situations where a big move is likely – and the "smart money" doesn't care which direction that move takes, because they're positioned to make a profit whether the stock falls or rises!

Again, may I suggest you re-read that paragraph a couple of times, too? Consistently successful traders trade to profit from big, fast moves, regardless of whether that move is up or down.

Can you learn how to follow in their footsteps? Absolutely!

Can you profit in the same way they do, without having to "gamble" on the direction of a market or stock? Absolutely!

Will it take you away from your job, your family, your leisure time? Absolutely not! This form of trading is unique as it's largely a set-and-forget strategy – and the 'setting' takes only a few hours a month!

Once you understand this profit-either-way strategy – and I suggest you learn direct from a professional trader who does this for a living – there are only a few steps to take, once a month.

You a) check which stocks are highlighted for you; b) check for the presence of one particular indicator; c) check to see if a highlighted stock with an indicator is a definite trade on a private website; and d) place the trade (with one phone call, or through your online trading platform).

And that's it!

You then profit if the stock moves up. And you profit if the stock moves down. And can usually bank your profits in a matter of days, as you'll be trading on volatility here, which means large moves in a short timeframe.

You'll only lose a little if the stock does nothing at all which, when you understand the strategy, you'll realise is quite a rare event.

To find out more about this highly profitable, set-and-forget, 5-hours-a-month strategy, make yourself a cup of coffee, switch off the phones, and go over to

Happy trading!


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Mike said...

Thank You ! Valuable post! Trading under Forex market and stock market, both requires different trading strategies and recommendations.

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Unknown said...

Yeah, those who can't DO... teach.

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