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[ParanoidTimes] The Battle for Power on the Internet ?

The Battle for Power on the Internet: Bruce Schneier at TEDxCambridge 2013

 Published on Sep 25, 2013
Bruce Schneier gives us a glimpse of the future of
the internet, and shares some of the context we
should keep in mind, and the insights we need to
understand, as we prepare for it.
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Subject: The Internet: Freeing us or ensnaring us?

BrasscheckTV Report

The Internet: Freeing us or ensnaring us?

At first, new technology liberates...

Then what happens?


The Battle for Power on the Internet: Bruce Schneier
- Brasscheck TV
This enlightening and, ultimately, hopeful talk on
the shift of Internet power and control from
grassroots origins to the current
corporate/government model covers a lot of ground.
It provides an amazing overview of where we came
from, where we stand now, and where we are heading
regarding privacy, access to information, and

Starting at the beginning, Bruce Schneier takes us
through a brief history of how and why the
Internet morphed from its freewheeling early years
to the controlled and surveilled landscape of
today, and how it could continue to evolve in the

He also outlines a plan to create a stalemate
between the powers. With the proper checks and
balances, neither the strong (governments and
corporations) nor the quick (hackers, dissidents)
come out on top. In this model, there is real
shared power, and true freedom. -


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