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[ParanoidTimes] Ebola Misinformation Goes Viral - Media Completely Failing America On Ebola

Media Completely Failing America On Ebola In Shocking New Study

"A new poll last week revealed disturbing trends
about the increasingly dire media coverage of the
Ebola story in the United States. Measuring the
rising anxiety among news consumers, a
Rutgers-Eagleton poll of New Jersey residents
found that 69 percent are at least somewhat
concerned about the deadly disease spreading in
the U.S. The truly strange finding was that people
who said they were following the story most
closely were the ones with the most inaccurate
information about Ebola. The more information they
consumed about the dangerous disease, the less
they knew about it. How is that even possible?
Poll director David Redlawsk cast an eye of blame
on the news media. 'The tone of the coverage seems
to be increasing fear while not improving
understanding,' Redlawsk told a reporter. 'You
just have to turn on the TV to see the hysteria of
the talking heads media. It's really wall to wall.
The crawls at the bottom of the screen are really
about fear. And in all the fear and all the
talking, there's not a lot of information.'"* The
Young Turks host Cenk Uygur breaks it down.


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