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[ParanoidTimes] Jigsaw Puzzle

Jigsaw Puzzle
Digger, 22 Jan 2015

It is not until one becomes Jew-wise that one truly 'gets it'; works out how things really are in this world. And why life and society is forever in turmoil.

It isn't until we get nudged across to the uncomfortable Truth -- that International Jewry are running the show (or should we say ruining the show), that we can really take an objective look at the world.

Until that point of realisation, one can never ever have an understanding of what the hell is going on. Even if we discover some Truth, that we work out that '9/11 was inside job', or we're living in an Orwellian society, or that all the wars we are fighting are futile and illegal; we still cannot fathom the mechanics of this bedlam.

In fact, it can be more of a strain hovering in the half-Truther world; because then you have to constantly deal with oxymorons such as "The Bolsheviks NAZI fascists who are behind all the world's problems." This is nothing more than head-f*ck info -- pure distractional, confusing disinformation.

And for those inside the matrix who are equally perplexed by the levels of corruption, depravity, scarcity and government incompetence; it is mind boggling. 
But as soon as ... that point comes. That 'ding' moment. That Arhhh right realisation; followed up by sufficient independent research, then all the pieces of the jigsaw begin to fit into place. It's like the dominos all begin to start falling. The stagnation and confusion one has had for years lifts, and realism and Truth enters our lives.

The debt enslavement of the banking cartels, linked with the endless wars, the multiple assassinations, the constant hoaxes, the relentless demonisation of Hitler and the German people, as well as the vilification of figureheads daring to stand up to Jewish perfidy.

It all makes sense.

Only at that point, can one step back and begin to start seeing the overall picture.

That picture being -- an 800 pound smelly gorilla in the living room.


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