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Re: [ParanoidTimes] Hero or Killer? ‘American Sniper’ movie raises controversy over Iraq war

American sniper or... judaic trained sniper?
Jan 22, 2015

Here is a very powerful open letter from Joe Cortina to (one of ) the world's worst human being – Chris Kyle.  It might as well be addressed to David Ovadia (idf) who boasted last summer of having killed 13 Palestinian children, all by himself... What a man...

"This month's smegma award for the most putrid rancid demonic sub-human piece of crap in the world is Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle. This pig faced red neck will be able to look forward to eternity in Hell for his crimes against humanity.

You are such an evil reprobate wicked sadistic sick twisted sociopathic punk – it is hard to know where to begin. I have read some excerpts from your putrid disgusting book which is a chronicle of your sadistic murderous killing sprees of innocent men women and children patriots whose crime was trying to defend their OWN country family and dignity from the World's largest institutionalized terrorist group – the jew occupied imperialist US MILITARY."


On 23-Jan-15 2:49 PM, [ParanoidTimes] wrote:

Hero or Killer? 'American Sniper' movie raises controversy over Iraq war

The movie 'American Sniper' based on the memoirs
of Navy Seal Chris Kyle has grabbed six Oscar
nominations and shattered US box-office records.
In the process it's also inflamed debate over US
wars. Kyle served in Iraq and was credited with
being America's deadliest sniper. After leaving
the army he was shot dead by a fellow veteran he
was trying to help. RT's Marina Portnaya takes a
look at the controversy around the film.



The reactions to the pro-war 'American Sniper'
film are proving that it is serving its true
purpose which is to pump up the domestic jam for
all things military.

Just like the 1968 Vietnam war promo movie Green
Berets with John Wayne, this new 'American Sniper'
is serving the interests of the US war machine.

From what I've seen and read about this new movie
it is not intended to question the lies and
deception by the Bush administration that
initiated 'shock and awe' of Iraq in 2003.
Instead it's purpose is to reenergise the
militarization of American culture - to demonize
the people of the Middle East in the eyes of movie
goers - and those goals seem to have been achieved
with many of the legions who have gone to see the
box office smash which made an estimated $105.3
million during the entire four-day MLK holiday

The saddest thing about the film is that it
completely drowned out the MLK holiday message of
peace and social justice.  Just a coincidence I am

Fox Formally Apologizes for Lies about Muslims, Paris plans to sue Fox


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