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[ParanoidTimes] 'Eyes Over Washington'

'Eyes Over Washington'  EPIC Obtains Documents on DC Army Blimps  April 29, 2015    As the result of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, EPIC been awarded more than $14,000 and obtained several thousand pages about the two US Army-deployed blimps flying just north of the nation's capital. The new documents further detail the use of "JLENS," as well as the Army's relationship with the contractor Raytheon, which has proposed video surveillance capabilities for the devices. The Army has disputed claims that JLENS has surveillance capability.    The Army first launched the 250' drone surveillance blimps over metropolitan Washington, DC, in December 2014. As first deployed in Iraq, one blimp contains aerial and ground surveillance technology that covers a 340-mile range, while the other has targeting capability including HELLFIRE missiles. The surveillance blimps fly as high as 10,000 feet and can remain operational for up to 30 days straight.    Defense contractor Raytheon, which manufactures the JLENS system, has tested it with the company's MTS-B Multi-Spectral Targeting System. The MTS-B offers long-range video surveillance that allows the real-time tracking of moving targets, including vehicles and persons, on the ground.    In May 2014, EPIC filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit to obtain more information about the JLENS system. EPIC asked the Army for technical specifications as well as any policies limiting domestic surveillance. EPIC's goal in the FOIA request and subsequent FOIA lawsuit was to determine what surveillance data the Army plans to collect during the three-year JLENS test, as well as how the Army plans to process, store, redact or delete data.    EPIC has previously urged Congress to establish privacy safeguards for aerial drones. EPIC also recommended requiring notice of all drone surveillance policies through the Administrative Procedure Act.    ---  EPIC:  Complaint v. Dept. of Army (May 6, 2014)    EPIC:  JLENS FOIA Documents    EPIC:  FOIA Request to Dept. of Army re: JLENS (Nov. 1, 2013)    EPIC:  EPIC v. Army - Surveillance Blimps    EPIC:  Testimony before Congress re: Drone Privacy (Jul. 12, 2012)    EPIC:  Spotlight on Surveillance - Eyes in the Sky (Oct. 2014)  ---    


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