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[ParanoidTimes] Why Do Good People Become Silent-or Worse-About 9/11?

9/11 Truth: Why Do Good People Become Silent-or Worse-About 9/11?


By Frances T. Shure


If certain persons in powerful positions conspired to orchestrate the 9/11 attacks,
as evidence strongly indicates
  - would it be rational not to do anything?

elephant board room 400

"betrayal bonding" or, alternately, "trauma bonding."
He has found that these dysfunctional bonds originate when those who are betrayed (usually children)
bond with someone who is destructive to their well-being, resulting in a template for future "insane loyalties."

For example, James F. Tracy, associate professor
of media studies at Florida Atlantic University,
has applied the four stages that domestic abuse
victims traverse to collective abuse, and he has
coined the phrase "battered citizen syndrome" to
define this new, broader category. Tracy
emphasizes that abuse of citizens by governments
has reached the point of a "grave societal
malady." Battered citizens, Tracy says, traverse
these same four stages (if they in fact manage to
free themselves from their government's abusive
actions).  Specifically, battered citizens will:

   1 -  deny that there is political violence toward
citizens by their governments, when such violence
obviously exists;
   2 -   experience guilt and low self-esteem from
believing that somehow they are to blame for the
political violence; or experience fear for having
been fingered as potential terrorists by the
government, which induces them to rationalize or
tolerate officials' destruction of civil
   3 -  reach eventual "enlightenment," realizing that
they are not to blame for the ill-treatment, yet
they may still try to work with the abusive
government; and finally
   4 -  show responsibility for leaving the abusive
relationship by working to establish new modes of governance.


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