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[ParanoidTimes] Bernie Sanders “Will Bury the Israel Lobby” ?

reader commentary:

 #1 by DDearborn on 02/14/2016 - 6:26 pm


The problem with attempting to propagate this kind
of fiction stems from the simple indisputable fact
that Bernie Sanders is a leader of the Israel
lobby in the United States. Proof of this goes all
the way back to the early 60's when he made a
definitive choice to serve in Israel on a
militarized Kibbutz instead of serving in
America's armed forces. And since entering public
office he has never wavered from that cause, nor
put his fealty to Israel in jeopardy. On the other
hand, his servitude and loyalty to Israel has
meant that time and time again he has sacrificed
American interests. Once again, the media is
demanding that the public suspend all rational
thought, common sense, and of course their lying
eyes and pretend Bernie Sanders and the other dual
citizen Israelis in Congress, at the FED and key
positions all over Washington are not treasonous swine.

In the coming months Americans are going to
be deluged by the zionist media's attempts at
propagating the lie that Sanders is not first last
and always an Israeli firster………..Don't you believe it.

see article:

Bernie Sanders "Will Bury the Israel Lobby"


Killary Berning, Brah! /Sanders Sheepdogging for Hillary & Democrats


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