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[ParanoidTimes] Nuclear War TV Show Update

Hi all,

Our one hour doc on death by nuclear war is coming together.

We're comparing reasons for bunker building then and now, looking at the situation before the end of the cold war as compared with situation today.

In case you're wondering, most people think things are just as bad today as they were then, or worse.

And looks like we might have a former secretary of defense on the show to confirm this, and he's been telling us things are much worse than we thought.

The one person we really need?

Someone who's building or has built a bunker recently and is willing to come on tv and tell us why, tell us the entire nightmare scenario we might be in for. You'll be well-supported with terrifying visuals, and an equally terrifying scenario painted by former government officials who are now able to speak to the realities behind the scenes of the situation regarding atomic weapons.

If you have any questions, give me a call or shoot me an email.

Feel free to send this notice out to anyone who might fit the above description and who's willing to step forward and elucidate on the matter of the potential doom which may lie just ahead.

Thanks for reading.

Tom Bauer

CMJ Productions II

Researcher • Recherchiste

Tel: 514-489-5499

Fax: 514-907-6154


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