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[ParanoidTimes] Everything Is Disintegrating - audio

What has happened over the past several years in
places like Iraq, Libya and Syria have roots in the late
1990's. The Project for a New American Century
 a "think-tank", founded by Dick Cheney,
one of the most die-hard neocons the world has
ever seen, developed a plan to invade – that's
right, invade – 7 countries in 5 years. Their plan
is taking longer than originally thought, but I am
not sure if Russian and Chinese resistance was
part of the calculation. The development of
al-Qaeda, that has now morphed into ISIS, has not
gone as planned either. ISIS appears to be
morphing into their own entity that the CIA is
having a hard time controlling. The rogue band of
mercenaries are going rogue in a way that was not

Dr. Roberts describes the evolution of the "deep
state" and how the neocons have a strangle hold on
the American political process that is hard to
shake. These psychopathic warmongers are not
concerned with anything except power, blood-lust
and their own sense of "destiny". The tapestry
that Dr. Roberts weaves begins with Nixon, the
Vietnam War and winds it's way through the latest
meeting between President Putin and Secretary of
State, John Kerry. The picture is clear and
details how we have arrived at the brink of
nuclear annihilation. The three part series is not
to be missed. To get the whole picture you need to
listen all the way through. It was intentionally
broken into smaller pieces to allow the info to
sink in. As I said we are facing a world in change
and the pace is quickening. Give this a good
listen and let us know what you think.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Everything Is Disintegrating


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