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[ParanoidTimes] Discovery Show on Life After Nibiru

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tom Bauer and I work for CMJ Productions here in Montreal and we're producing a Discovery show for American Heroes Network. This one hour episode is about 'Planet X' and the different viewpoints regarding it's existence and it's meaning as a possible threat.

We're looking for two very special people to appear on the show: someone who believes in the predictions around 'Planet X' or 'Nibiru', and someone who believed once but now believes in a more scientific view of the world in relation to planetary objects.

This is a chance for a current believer and former believer to present their different viewpoints on a fantastic Discovery Show that will be aired nationally, with incredible visuals and other scientists and experts giving their views.

We all remember the key moments when we came to believe in something special, whether it was something spiritual and esoteric, or something more rational and science-based. This show will explore the nuances of beliefs across the topic of potential planetary impacts of devastating proportions.

In my case I read Castaneda back in the 70s, and thought Wow, this dude knows what's going on!

Later in his career Castaneda himself went public with the admission that he'd made it all up. It took a while for me to accept, but eventually I modified my belief in Castaneda's depictions and came to a more mythic understanding, that he was working with valid questions about reality, and constructing a mythic framework in order to understand it.

It this kind of subjective experience sounds like a fit to your beliefs, or the beliefs of someone you know, please don't hesitate to forward this onwards, or if you have questions feel free to send me a number and time to call at the email below, or simply call the number below at any time.

Thank you!


Tom Bauer

CMJ Productions II

Researcher • Recherchiste

Tel: 514-489-5499

Fax: 514-907-6154



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