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[ParanoidTimes] Re: Saudi King & Princes Blackmail U.S. Government ?

Blackmail is perhaps too strong a word (although
the western media will use it to demonize Saudi
Arabia). I think "self defense" is more apt. Saudi
Arabia knows that the US links 9-11 to every
nation it wants to invade. First it was
Afghanistan, then Iraq (after which George W. Bush
admitted on TV Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11).

Saudi Arabia now finds themselves in the croshairs
of the US war machine!

To find out if you are being lied to, look for
what should be there and isn't, and what isn't
there is a motive for Saudi Arabia to attack the
United States on 9-11. Saudi Arabia has grown very
rich off of the United States with the petrodollar
deal. And they have invested much of that money in
the United States. Why would Saudi Arabia do
anything that would risk having the United States
confiscate that money or end the lucrative
petrodollar arrangement? Especially without some
compelling reason? And as the Saudi threat
confirms, if Saudi Arabia really did want to harm
the United States they would not need to crash
airplanes into buildings, all they need do is take
their investment funds back and the US economy
would implode. The resulting economic devastation
would make the loss of the World Trade Towers seem
like a minor inconvenience in comparison! And it
would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to do

And let us be honest, it wasn't Saudis who were
arrested for cheering and clapping while the
towers came crashing down, it was Mossad agents.
Israeli owned companies like Odigo received
advance warning of the attack. Saudi companies did not.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or
thrice) shame on me!


9/11 Debunked in Under 5 Minutes - James Corbett
9/11 In A Nutshell

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