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Re: [ParanoidTimes] Massive leak reveal how the rich hide money offshore ?

What I Learned From the Panama Papers
April 4, 2016 - Corbett Report

    The Panama Papers are out and the Panama
Papers propaganda is out right along with it. So
why does this new mega-leak seemingly only expose
those in the State Department crosshairs or
expendable others and not a single prominent
American politician or businessman? And what does
this have to do with the OECD's plan for a global
taxation grid? Find out more in today's Thought
For The Day with James Corbett.


"Selective Leaks Of The #Panama Papers". "Corruption as a Propaganda Weapon"
Global Research, April 05, 2016 - Selected Articles


Given to the seed, fabricate and censor...just like Wikileaks

Gordon Duff - The Panama Papers are a scam,
real documents turned over to a Mossad run organization that now has dirt on even more people
and more power to make a very nasty world an even darker and nastier place.

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Sure looks like a Kosha Nostra operation... excerpt:

For financial advisers, the current state of play is simply a good business opportunity. In a draft of his San Francisco presentation, Rothschild's Penney wrote that the U.S. "is effectively the biggest tax haven in the world." The U.S., he added in language later excised from his prepared remarks, lacks "the resources to enforce foreign tax laws and has little appetite to do so."

Yes, Mossack Fonseca may now be history, and its countless uberwealthy clients exposed, but none other than Rothschild is now delighted to be able to fill its rather large shoes. In fact, someone with a conspiratorial bent may decide that today's dramatic takedown of the Panama "offshoring" industry was nothing more than a hit designed to crush the competition of domestic "tax haven" providers... such as Rothschild.

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