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[ParanoidTimes] COLUMN: The open web's guardians are acting like it's already dead

From: "Cory Doctorow" <>
Sent: Tuesday, May 3, 2016 11:03:45 AM
Subject: [Doctorow] COLUMN: The open web's guardians are acting like it's    already dead

The World Wide Web Consortium -- an influential standards body devoted
to the open web -- used to make standards that would let anyone make a
browser that could view the whole Web; now they're making standards that
let the giant browser companies and giant entertainment companies decide
which browsers will and won't work on the Web of the future.

When you ask them why they're doing this, they say that the companies
are going to build technology that locks out new entrants no matter what
they do, and by capitulating to them, at least there's a chance of
softening the control the giants will inevitably get.

In my latest Guardian column, Why the future of web browsers belongs to
the biggest tech firms, I explain how the decision of the W3C to let
giant corporations lock up the Web betrays a belief that the open Web is
already dead, and all that's left to argue about are the terms on which
our new overlords will present to us.

Today is the International Day Against DRM. EME, the W3C project that
hands control over the Web to giant corporations, uses DRM to assert
this control.

We will get the open Web we deserve. If you and I and everyone we know
stand up to the bullies who want to use entertainment technology to
seize control over the future, we can win.

Otherwise, we'll be Huxleyed into the full Orwell.



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