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[ParanoidTimes] Israel is “infected by the seeds of fascism” and has been taken over by “extremists,”


ed note–please pay close attention to what Barak
is quoted saying here–

"This government needs to be brought down before
it brings all of us down…There are no serious
leaders left in the world who believe the Israeli

In other words, what really has Barak's panties in
a pinch is not that Israel's treatment of the
Palestinians is barbaric and that it mirrors
almost word for word what organized Jewish
interests falsely claim was done to Jews by the
3rd Reich, but rather that the aggregate effect of
this behavior rips away the pretty face that
Israel needs to maintain if she is to function in
the world.

What this means then is that all the
boo-hoo-hooing in which he and Ya'alon are engaged
in warning of the 'fascist' takeover of the Jewish
state is an act, a ruse, a farce, and a deception
aimed at creating the illusion that there is
'humanness' to be found within Judaism and Zionism
and that if these right-wing elements can just be
brought to heel, the Jewish state can return to
its former glory as a 'civilized nation' based
upon 'Western' values.

Israel is "infected by the seeds of fascism"
and has been taken over by "extremists,"
warn ex-prime minister and defense ministers


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