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[ParanoidTimes] Discovery Production on Alien Invasions

Hi Everyone,

Back one more time. This time looking for preppers who believe in aliens!

Can you pass this on if it fits anyone you know? This is turned out to be an awesome series, and I'm pretty sure anyone would be thrilled to be a part of it. Very cool all around.

Thank you.


My name is Tom Bauer and I'm a researcher for CMJ Productions. We're producing a show for Discovery to air on American Heroes Channel.

The one hour documentary on extraterrestrials is part of a six-episode series called How The World Ends.

We've looked at Nukes, Pandemic, Planet X, and now ETs.

I would like to talk to people, preppers especially, about any views on alien abductions, especially on where it is all leading. We are primarily interested in the apocalyptic ending scenario, especially as outlined by David Jacobs in his book Walking Among Us. But we are also interested in the government conflict scenario.

If this sounds interesting let me know if you have time for a chat.

I'm happy to call you, or you can call the number below at any time.

Thank you.


Tom Bauer

CMJ Productions II

Researcher • Recherchiste

Tel: 514-489-5499

Fax: 514-907-6154

CMJ Productions II Inc.


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