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[ParanoidTimes] Arming Israel / record $38bn US military aid to Israel

 Deal reached on record $38bn US military aid to Israel,
signing set for Wednesday
Sep 13, 2016



But, but,……How are we going to pay for it? 
After all, that is what the creatures in Congress and the media whores always ask when
  our tax money is proposed to be spent on the American people. (Medicare for all, Infrastructure, higher education).



Senator Lindsey Graham's advice to Netanyahu:
"Tell the White House to "go f*** themselves"

lindsey graham

"The Israeli prime minister told me the
administration is refusing to sign the MOU until I
agree to change my appropriation markup back to
$3.1 billion," Graham said. "I said, 'Tell the
administration to go F*** themselves.'"


C-SPAN CALLER "John" from Franklin, New York -

"Good morning. I for one am sick and tired of all these Jews coming on
C-SPAN and other stations, and pushing us to go to war against our Muslim
friends. They're willing to spend the last drop of American blood and
treasure to get their way in the world. They have way too much power in this
country. People like Wolfowitz and Feith and the other neocons that Jew'd us
into Iraq...and now we're going to spend the next sixty years rehabilitating
our soldiers. I'm sick and tired of it."

sick and tired of Zionism


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