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[ParanoidTimes] Ken O'Keefe Responds To The Claims His World Citizen Contract Is A Pyramid Scheme

Ken O'Keefe Responds To The Claims His World Citizen Contract Is A Pyramid Scheme

Max Igan Says That Ken O'Keefe's World Citizen Initiative Is A Pyramid Scheme!

Krazy Ken O'Keefe unmasked - by fellow moonbats ~ Elder Of Ziyon
Palestine Think Tank has a long, almost unreadable moonbat piece that takes apart the farce that
became the Road to Hope convoy that reached Gaza last month, under the leadership of Ken O'Keefe.


The Betrayal of Ken O'Keefe FRAUDSTER Max Igan

The Betrayal of Ken O'Keefe

The Destruction of Our Desire to Seek the Truth ~


'Firebrand antiwar orator Ken O'Keefe has recently
been laid low by accusations from his best friends
that he absconded with contributions meant to
construct a program he had invented
<>. Now
friends insist he is using the money to buy a
Caribbean island.

O'Keefe's hundreds of YouTubes have established
the ex-Marine as a first rate critic of U.S. and
Israeli crimes in the Middle East and earned him
thousands of supporters around the world.
<> So
the tarnishing of his credibility hurts those
trying to overturn the phony reality imposed by
our criminal government.'


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