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Re: [ParanoidTimes] Beyond the 28 Pages - What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal

"What if America won The American Revolution but lost without even knowing that they lost?
Mayer Rothschild (Rothschild Bankers) were agents of William IX Landgrave of Hesse Cassel whom funded British Troops against The American Revolution (page 490 Jewish Encyclopedia in the following link). That may be a reason why President Jackson didn't like the Rothschilds so much after taking over The Anti-Mason Party a year after President John Quincy's term ended. Of course, there was that assassination attempt against President Jackson's life when he was trying to stop The Rothschild Bankers with their plans for establishing a central bank here in the U.S. If the Rothschilds along with other bankers are behind the creation of our Private Federal Reserve Banks here in America as G. Edward Griffin stated in his book, The Creature From Jekyll Island, shouldn't that lend suspicion?

It was mentioned through the Jewish Encyclopedia online through an article on Zionism, that The Rothschilds planned on restoring the Kingdom of Judah in 1847...

Israel wasn't re-established until 1948. Israel's re-establishment came about by Walter Rothschild with The Balfour Declaration of November 1917, in which, President Carter wrote about through his book, "Palestine Peace Not Apartheid."
Balfour Declaration | United Kingdom [1917]

 Now, there was a President from the past that I'm sure fought off The Rothschild Bankers and that was President Andrew Jackson. President Jackson fought The Rothschild Banking Cartel after taking over President John Quincy Adam's Anti-Mason Party founded in 1828 which founded a year before Quincy's term ended. The Anti-Mason Party formed due to Captain William Morgan's murder at Lake Ontario after he wrote the book, "Illustrations of Freemasonry." {resident Jackson had a slogan called, "Jackson and No Bank."

According to a few books online, The Rothschilds offered a loan to Abe Lincoln at up to 36% interest, in which, supposedly infuriated President Lincoln. Colonel Taylor then worked with Abe Lincoln to come out with Greenbacks at 'no interest." Now the funny thing that many people don't know when it comes to the Rothschilds is that they dealt in slavery through The West and East India trading Companies and through places like The Freshfield Family out of London. Of course, you could also look into Simon Wolf, Abe Lincoln's Jewish Attorney, who was both a member of The Washington Hebrew Congregation and The Anti Defamation League of B'nai B'rith. Of course, The Anti Defamation League wasn't formed until years later, but B'nai B'rith was like The ADL. Wolf was detained for serving as attorney for Southern Jews charged with espionage and trading with Confederates. He was also a spokesman for B'nai B'rith. After Abe Lincoln helped Wolf pardon a Jewish man from execution, Wolf was later accused of being a traitor. Colonel Lafayette C. Baker of the War Department threatened him with imprisonment and called B'nai B'rith "a disloyal organization. The Scottish Rite of Freemasons supposedly had a hand in forming The ADL of B'nai B'rith. Now, what if The Rothschilds had a hand in behind The Scottish Rite of Freemasons?Unlike many other Jews in America during The Civil War who were against slavery, B'nai B'rith was not.

Now, Abe Lincoln's biographer, Alonzo Rothschild, also lends suspicion into who may have had motives for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Alonzo supposedly wrote the book, "Honest Abe." Alonzo followed Abe every where to learn about his life and his every move. He worked for J.J. Fogerty, an editor, for a publication called Jeweler's Weekly. I found Alonzo's son, John, who faired well in the travel industry, but I couldn't find Alonzo's ancestry...Almost like it was erased from existence...I can only suspect that he comes from the same Rothschild Banking Family due to his last name.

According to G. Edward Griffin's book, "The Creature from Jekyll Island," the Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, and Warburgs, along with Carnigie, a broker, met on Jekyll Island at The Jekyll Club at The JP Morgan Estate in secret to discuss the creation of our central bank here in The United States. They met in secret using code names to identify themselves according to his book. Thus, our 16th Amendment was born after they signed The Federal Reserve Act into law on December 23rd, 1913, two days away from Christmas...I wonder how many senators were present to sign our Federal Reserve Act since there were no jet planes and the fastest race car at that time went 75mph?

There are a few movies that should be watched. One of them is from 20th Century Fox (1934) called "The House of Rothschild" in which they now censor. Another movie that is interesting is called "Occult Forces" from 1943 by Robert Muzard. I believe he may have been assassinated in 1949 for the movie's creation. Another movie would be Nuremberg by Alec Baldwin (1996) where they mention Freemason Jews in the movie. Also, there is an article I found through the NY Times Archive on the Rothschild Family called "ROTHSCHILD LINKED TO MARX BY NAZIS; German Historian Terms the Two 'Brothers in Blood and in Spirit'" (July 1937, (also) Judea Declares War on Germany March 24th, 1933 London Daily Express (Note: Hitler didn't become chancellor until 1933). Another article: Winston Churchill-- Zionism vs Bolsheviks - Illustrated Sunday Herald February 8th, 1920

Of course, there are other people to think about like Augustin Barruel where he spoke of corruption within the Freemasons around the same time that the book, "Proofs of a Conspiracy by John Robison A.M 1798" was written which is about The Illuminati infiltrating top levels of The Freemasons and The Vatican long ago. There is also a statue of the Freemasons on the Egypt/Israel border. You might also want to look into The Patton Papers, The Panama Papers, & The Transfer Agreement. Now, Benjamin Freeman, Eustice Mullins, Larouche. and Wiiliam Cooper spoke out about The Rothschilds. Of course, Obama did sign a Bill to send $70 Billion to Israel. I find that funny since Israel's population is less than the population of NY City. I hear that there is another $45 Billion on the plate for Israel. That would mean approximately $10,000 for every individual living in Israel in the past two years. Too bad every other city in America didn't receive that same amount according to each city's population ratio. I was also told by Former U.S. Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney that Jim McGreevey destroyed The 911 Dispatch tapes along with other files. Also, the late U.S. Admiral Thomas H. Moorer was censored by mainstream media after Israel attacked The U.S.S. Liberty leaving 34 U.S. Sailors dead. Still people in the Navy fighting over that.....even posting up billboards.

On Monday, September 5, 2016 3:42 AM, " [ParanoidTimes]" <> wrote:


Beyond the 28 Pages - What A Real 9/11 Investigation Would Reveal

After 15 years of meticulous research and analysis
into the events and theories surrounding 9/11,
this is a collection of all the best facts and
evidence proving who had the means, motive, and
opportunity to commit the crimes we witnessed on
September 11th, and who ought to be investigated
if we ever hope to get to the bottom of it.


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