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Swine Flu Alert Clears Old Stock of Tamiflu « Living with the ...
By lwtc247
swine-flu-alert-clears-old-stock-of-tamiflu.html (via David Icke's news headlines). Well well well, WHO'd have thought. What a fortunate coincidence. And Tamiful doesn't even work! Not that such minor details would stop corrupt ...
Living with the Conspiracy 24-7 -
Apocalypse Wave. Having a Blast At The End Of The World.: Paranoid ...
By Bladerunner
To wake you up. The Lucid View-Aeolus Kephas The Fourth Reich-Jim Marrs The David Icke Guide To The Global Conspiracy. The how-to manuals of the NWO. Brave New World- Aldous Huxley 1984- George Orwell Anthem- Ayn Rand ...
Apocalypse Wave. Having a Blast... -
System Of A Down - Science #10 | Tech Vlog
By admin
Support FreemanTV, Alex Jones, Dr.Deagle, David Icke & Project Camelot! Tube4Christ Says: May 3rd, 2009 at 5:06 am. Often people dont … Often people dont what they cant understand but the ought to know…they chose it… ...
Tech Vlog -
David Icke - Big Brother 4/18 - David Icke - Big Brother 4/18 ...
These include his presentation at his Big Brother By-Election Public Meeting These videos by David Icke will have a dramatic effect on global awareness if enough people take the time and trouble to circulate them far and wide - short of ...
Recent Videos of Education Category -
"Is America Ready?" by Roy Zimmerman «
Support FreemanTV, Alex Jones, Dr.Deagle, David Icke & Project Camelot! suziecreamchease says: May 3, 2009 at 1:55 am. The least powerful … The least powerful man in the world used to be a guy found guilty of a crime that he had not ... -

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