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Mind Control and how to protect yourself

Are you suffering from depression, feeling paranoid, insecure, feeling suicidal, and lacking in security, do you feel victimized? You may be on antidepressants and unable to function in the workplace. The possibility exists that you may be experience the negative effects created by ELF weaponry. I know it sounds ridciculous but very powerful mind control devices are in use by our governments.

The reality truly is terrifying, technology created by the Nazis during the second world war is being used upon the citizens of our world.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Get exercise and spend time in nature

Keep an open and questioning mind

Start looking for evidence of mind control on the Internet

Stop being brainwashed by propoganda (stop reading the tabloids, watching television)

Use caller recognition on your telephone and do not answer any calls from withheld phone numbers or numbers you do not recognize.

Be wary of anyone who criticizes you or attempts to damage your self esteem.

Find natural alternatives to antidepressants

Cut down on drinking alcohol or better still quit altogether

Use toothpaste/ drink water which doesn't contain flouride

Eat organic food/ or grow your own

Do not eat processed foods

Align your brainwaves to comfortable states


ETERNAL5 said...

Thank You for your advice.

kendra30752 said...

This actually is excellent advice! I personally have been working hard to avoid intaking fluoride (especially since it WAS used as a form of mind control originally, and because it's total poision and causes tooth decay.)

Anyways, I enjoyed this very much and will be keeping updated for more information. Really great work here. Scary that this stuff really happens. :(

Unknown said...

Do the illuminati mind control us?

Cman123456 said...

Do the illuminati mind control us?

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