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The Story of Kathleen - Ex MKULTRA program

The Story of Kathleen

Eleanor White.

This is for the benefit of the many new correspondents from among the electronic mind weapons community and who may not fully understand that there is a second, large group of government experimentees, colloquially called "MKULTRA survivors", who were in the institutional/drug/child abuse/ ritual abuse experiments which ran from the 50's thru the 70's. Katherine Sullivan has asked me to post this, and I'd like to let new correspondents know that her posting gives us a glimpse of the "flip side" of what we are going through.

These folks have had their imprisonment and direct abuse phases ended, but what Katherine is talking about is that the MKULTRA organization still has perps in the field, who keenly want these survivors to be discredited. They "know too much". MKULTRA survivors' minds were filled with hypnotic "triggers" (programming) and the perps Katherine speaks about are taking advantage of their weakened mental state (NOT mental illness, rather, years of hypnotic programming and torture) to keep what they know suppressed.

To read up on what their experiences have been like, you can visit the Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors - Mind Control (ACHES-MC) at:

Katherine's own site is listed below, however, her site is not intended to provide MKULTRA history, but rather, to assist MKULTRA survivors to shake off their years of hypnosis and torment and get their lives together. Katherine has generously provided an "EM section" in her memorial garden in remembrance of our torment.

In effect, we electronic mind weapons victims have an "MKULTRA heritage", and the experiences of these survivors are POWERFUL assists to convincing the public that there really ARE perps this nasty in every government.

(Katherine's glimpse into MKULTRA survivorhood follows)

From Katherine Sullivan:
I am the woman Brice Taylor mentioned as also having been lied to and more by Mark Phillips.

She asked me about four years ago to support her in physically confronting Mark at a conference where he and David Icke and Cathy were all presenting together, in Atlanta. I called Icke's people a week before that conference to let him know what Mark had done to me and Brice, letting Icke know that Mark was a fraud and was very dangerous. I followed the phone call up with a priority mail package, that included sufficient information to show that Mark was dangerous to survivors. Icke never acknowledged my information.

The night before the conference started, Brice dropped out of the picture after informing me that "Jesus" told her that it was not her time to confront Mark, which left me alone to do so. (Being a Christian, I was a bit confused about that. If "Jesus" told her to go and to ask me to support her in confronting Mark, then why in the world would "Jesus" change his mind and tell her NOT to go? Claiming getting orders from Jesus and the Holy Spirit can sure help a person avoid taking responsibility for his/her own behavior and decisions...)

The second day of the conference, I tried to talk to David alone in a hallway. He looked quite sheepish, clearly recognizing who I was ( it bugged me...he looked SO darned familiar from somewhere in my covert past), ducked his head and walked quickly the other way. He was clearly quite chummy with Mark and Cathy during the entire conference, and I blanched and became physically ill at one point when Cathy played gently with David's hair, and he looked up at her face, beaming like a lover. Not a good sign.

So now I am quite amused that Icke, who blatantly reinforces "lizard men" screen memories in high-level MC survivors' minds to discredit them to the public and in court, is suddenly helping to expose Mark. I've seen this behavior before. In this instance, former business partners (Gunderson, Icke, Phillips and Bowart/Kirby) suddenly turn on one of their own, AFTER it is obvious that their partner's are not going to behave and be quiet about his activities. The others had years of warning from the victims, to step out and denounce him.

The way I see it, Mark became too much of a liability to them. This behavior on the part of Mark's friends/partners is not dissimilar to when children go to the police and media about a group of criminal cultists who have been ritually traumatizing and raping them for years. The cultists throw out one of their people for the police and legal system to make an open fuss over and slap in prison, and the others continue doing their dirty work just like before, never being legally named.

In the MC survivor community, I've seen this tactic taken one step further. "Good guy bad guy" routine. By helping to publicly out their partner, after having been tight with him for many years, it makes other perps look like they are heros. Then the the outed perp's victims (eg: Brice) go running to THEM for protection and information. And the survivor's external control and victimization continues...

The other thing I've noticed is how many perps are popping up in the survivor community, mostly but not all males, as investigators and heros. As spokespersons. They do the talk circuits and books, controlling and endorsing usually one survivor like a trained seal (eg: Phillips/O'Brien), who in turn endorses them.

I've been approached by at least three of these guys, who tried do to do that "you and me babe, we can make a fortune" routine, but it did not appeal to me after I was what happened to Cathy (and, I believe, is also still being done to Brice.) I don't know if it's because so many of us were abused by fathers and are still looking for an older male to care and protect us, or if it's because we're just damned lazy (as I tended to be with Mark) and choose to depend on another of a succession of controllers in our lives. But the pattern I've seen repeatedly is that these people are usually RECYCLED PROGRAMMERS. They come back into our lives, daring to hope that we will not remember them. And of course, if they are back in our lives, we will not feel safe enough to be able to consciously remember them!

Then they get back into our heads very quickly and easily, drain us dry of all our memories and proofs and money, and then use us, as Mark did Cathy, as lures to draw in OTHER MC survivors that they can drain and control, likewise.

I used to get so enraged when I saw yet another survivor fall prey to one of these scum, but I've gotten to the point where I've realized this is part of healing and recovery -- going into relapse and learning from it once one gets free again. After being controlled all of one's life, it is extremely difficult to stand on one's own two feet and do one's own cognitive thinking. They know that and are quick to take advantage of it.

This is why survivors in the know keep telling other survivors how absolutely crucial it is for them to be their OWN heroes, their OWN investigators. To depend on anyone else to tell us what to do or think or believe is to open ourselves to another controller and more misery and danger.

I have already posted on the Internet about my experiences with Mark and Cathy. I have written several investigators and numerous survivors about them. Mark knows where I stand about him; Cathy probably remembers very little, other than what Mark wants her to think. If anyone wants further info about my experience with Mark, give me a snail mail address and I'll send a package to you. This man is dangerous and must be avoided by MC survivors at all cost.

Part 2
I agree that Mark definitely seemed to at least partially working for the benefit of Henry Kissinger aka "Kissybutt." When I tried to talk to Mark about my memories of Henry and what he did to children, including myself, Mark told me I must be mistaken. This is while he was still acting like most of what else I remembered (via his use of so-called "key, codes and triggers") was valid.

About two years after I broke away from Mark's influence, I wrote about Henry in my creative non-fiction book, MK. Henry is the character I named "Senator Edward." I wrote the book before I got any outside verifications from any other survivors, etc. that Henry was indeed a vicious pedophile. (He once made my rectum bleed horribly and put me in great pain, he raped me so brutally.) Henry was, and probably still is, one of the most brutal buggerers I had the displeasure to endure as a child.

At the same time, he was one of the most fascinating owners I had the "privilege" (or so I thought) to spend time with, including in my adult years. He has an absolutely brilliant mind and is so wicked he's funny. And he seemed to know everything about everybody of value to him, down to what kind of underwear they bought!

He was one of my primary owners, along with the White House and the CIA and Robert Maxwell of Gr. Britain. I understood pretty early on that Henry was one of the major powers behind the White House. I also knew from personal experience that he answered to Nelson Rockefeller, and then David Rockefeller. (David ran Henry, Henry ran George Bush Sr., and so on.) Jimmy Carter let Henry know he was unwelcome and later, so did Clinton. Both men paid for that, dearly, especially by being publicly humiliated. Henry loves to rub his enemies' noses in the dirt. Pretty typical for a Luciferian...

But Henry had his spies in place anyway. He blackmailed a certain high-profile senator from the Southeast, another pedophile who was obsessed with his victims' cleanliness (enemas, saran wrap between him and the victim, shaved body, etc.), to spy on Carter and pass the info back to Kissinger. I was used as a go-between that way as well, when I lived in Atlanta...

Mark showed me a 8x10 black and white of Monica Lewinsky, a couple of years before the scandal broke. He said she was a "presidential model" and asked if I remember her. I said no, and he told me he knew she was a Presidential Beta sex slave because of her "clockface" mole markings. What I would give to have that picture now...

I read very little of Brice's second book. If I saw a section that seemed to include information about any perp I had remembered, I skipped it. That pretty much left the intro and the sections on Barbra Streisand and JFK .

I had totally opposite experiences than she claims to have had with JFK, and do have great difficulty in believing what she wrote about him. In my situation, I was told I was one of his many children out of wedlock. At that time, I believed it. Now, it doesn't matter -- I am who I am.

I was taken by my parents (one or both) to meet him at least 3-4 times, and he used to send David Powers out near Reading, PA to visit with me and two female relatives in a church on Saturdays, to ask how I was doing. (I identified his picture about a year ago. Definitely him. Really neat man.) Although Rose Kennedy was a total cold bitch after his murder, when I was presented to her along with other children, JFK was one of the most positive people in my life, always caring and affirming and encouraging. If it had not been for how he treated me, which gave me great strength when life was hardest, I don't think I could have survived. He was never physically inappropriate with me and when I did beg him on one occasion to have sex with me, he walked away physically shaken and outraged -- not at me but at the fact that someone conditioned me to want this from a man. He was an antivenin when just about every other man in my young live was toxic and dangerous to me. And then, damnit, he had to die. That about killed me.

Even years later, I was introduced to people by Henry and others as a "Kennedy Brat." It was a heavy burden to bear because it made me feel an extra strong responsibility to our country. Maybe that was their game the entire time, maybe I am a Kennedy Brat. If so, it would be an honor. If not, it was fun thinking they were telling the truth.

I don't know if Brice really remembered JFK doing such things to her or not, but it would have been totally out of character for the man. I do know, however, from things Mark Phillips and Walter Bowart told me about her, that she was heavily conditioned to put her whole worth into being wanted by men. Walter used the trigger words "beautiful Brice" with her too often to be coincidence. I've had to face that if I were conditioned -- starting in early childhood --to believe that if I ever lost my value as being beautiful and attractive to men, I would be killed, then the most terrifying thing that could happen to me is that a man would not want me sexually. If that were true, then I would HAVE to say that every man I approached wanted me, and we had sex. Pretty scary thought.

I also knew Streisand...not as a perp, but as a victim who was very much like Brice in personality, behaviors, etc. Very similar. I have remembered seeing Streisand once in South Africa and I also saw her piss people off pretty regularly at DC cocktail parties Henry took me to as his "niece." (He usually made me wear plain brown clothes.) I also knew (can't remember if Brice wrote this) that Streisand was also run by Henry. This is also an uncomfortable thought, because Streisand is very very close to Bill I wonder, is Henry using her to get info on the man that way? To pay him back for not allowing Henry to be a part of the administration?

I was extremely angry that Brice made it look like Barbra victimized Brice when the reality was, they were both equally victims and both had sexually perverse alter-states. Barbra is a victim. Brice is a victim. Neither one had any choice in what they did. Both were under orders and both were conditioned via rape, torture, degradation, and so much more. I did awful things under orders, too. If Barbara were to openly and consciously, in her host alter-state, choose to sexually assault another female, that would be another matter. To target a fellow victim in a book and expose what the controllers conditioned that victim to do to other females (I was given to females, too) is not right nor fair. They instructed Brice to do things sexually to me too, but I understand now she had no choice. She was not in her conscious mind. We were both victims, the same way she and Barbra were also both victims.

I have kept my memories clean and uncontaminated and am glad I chose to do so. But yes, I definitely knew Kissinger for many years.

In 1992 when Clinton made it clear he didn't want Kissinger or anything he had to offer -- including my black op services (unlike Reagan and Bush Sr.) -- Henry told me that "they" (Aryans/Nazis) would eventually take over the government and when they did, he'd have me back as his "pet." I really believed him then, since he had personally tortured and terrorized me. But now I don't believe him. He's an old con. A brilliant, very wounded old con. I still wonder what the Nazi officers did to him when he was their alleged Jew-Boy driver...go figure...
I realized about two years ago that former owners like Henry WANTED their victims to go public and tell the world that they were going to take over and rule us all. NWO and all that. Why should their victims not believe it, when they did rule us completely? But now that I am free and have had enough time away from their thinking, and have spend a considerable amount of time living in regular society, I realize they are not powerful in the real world the way they tried to trick me into believing. It's been smoke and mirrors all along. Intel occultists are the worst possible combo. They especially know that the easiest way to weaken an opponent is to psych him out. In fact, sometimes there is no need to attack at all, because the terror can cripple so completely. They've been using too many of us to do this dirty work for them, especially through the Patriot community and people like Icke and Mark and Cathy and Brice and Gunderson. I refuse to be a part of the scam anymore.

Reality check: the so-called controllers aren't controllers at all. They are miserable humans. They defecate and get ulcers and feel pain and loneliness and have miserable marriages and are in absolute terror of each other. They aren't ruling anyone. They never will. Freedom is a condition of the soul. They will never have what we have. We are free; they never will be. They are permanent prisoners of each other. They know that if they ever change heart, if they ever decide to tell the truth, they are dead men. They are too high-profile and they have too many proofs. God, have mercy on them because I doubt if anyone else will.

Katherine aka Kathleen Sullivan
President of PARC-VRAMC

-I will not do interviews about this stuff. I do not want to do another book. I will not address any of this at conferences. I just plain wrote this because I'm tired of holding secrets. -None of what I wrote in this or the previous posting have anything to do with my position as PARC president. I write these as private opinions and information only.

PARC-VRAMC stands for "Positive Activism, Remembrance
and Commemoration for Victims of Ritual Abuse and Mind
Control". PARC-VRAMC, a non-profit corporation, began in
November, 1996 as a steady effort towards reaching a
minimum of two goals:

1) To create, expand, and maintain a garden 1/2 hour from
Chattanooga, TN as a living memorial to persons who have
been subjected to sadistic abuse, ritualized torture and/or
invasive experimentation perpetrated against them without
their knowledge and/or informed consent

2) To educate the public regarding the impact of sadistic
abuse, ritualized torture, and invasive non-consensual
experimentation on humans.


Ayterion Terry Welch said...

Thank U

Me too

Perfect Science AD
Terry Welch AL_Shhri

Keith Richard Radford Jr said...

You say:
I realize they are not powerful in the real world the way they tried to trick me into believing. It's been smoke and mirrors all along.
What do you think that the sex offender registry is? Do you know the hidden genocide being conducted in America.
Have you tried goggling "murdered transient" with quotes on the web, then going to the News section and doing the same. Even Hitler would be proud of 450 million hits and then in the news a page or two? You don't think your ladies of sex black ops have not contributed to genocide? Do you know what you speak of much coincides with what I know. I can remember being had cuffed to a stem radiator and I would began screaming when the sound of the knocking each day would start knowing that the radiator would heat up and the burns were so intense. You think the boys were not torchered victims? Then put in arms of women or girls as they were chained or drugged and used for sex? Seems to me It's a bit of a one sided argument when the female is seen as the only victims in the mix and the guys don't tell who when they want to protect the good names of women who would pass laws to kill men. Just think about that>

Unknown said...

I'm so sorry for the pain & suffering you [all] endured & my heart goes out to you as do my prayers. It makes me sick to my stomach to know this evil is among us & that children are being abused, raped, & even killed daily around the world & there is nothing I can do to help save them & protect them. In all my research of the enemY (Luciferian elites/Masons/Illuminati),  I've learned so many heartbreaking & gut wrenching facts concerning ritual abuse, torture, & sacrifice (according to the accounts of their surviving victims) that I barely sleep anymore - & all the sick info coming out now exposing "pizzagate" & the DC pedophile ring...unspeakable...
I know [from research not experience] that pedophiles, specifically Satanists, have a special affinity for little boys (ages 0-7) & young men (ages 7-14) but I don't know why. I just wanted to acknowledge your personal victimization & that of males in general & although females are also victimized, it's rare to hear a make victim speak out which is why most victims/survivors we (the public) know about are female - I think bc males are less likely to share their story -that's only my personal opinion though.

You are all in my prayers & I hope you can find some comfort in your future role in the judgement & final justice of those evil beings who harmed you -
"Or do you not know that the saints will judge the world ... Do you not know that we are to judge angels? How much more, then, matters pertaining to this life."
(1 Corinthians 6:2-3)
The meaning of this passage is that believers in heaven will take part in the judgment of the fallen angels as Scripture teaches that; Lucifer, the fallen angels, and those who worship him, will be judged by God and thrown into the Lake of Fire (Isaiah 24:21-22; 2 Peter 2:4; Jude 1:6; Revelation 21:10).
May God bless you, keep you, & His holy angels watch over you forever.

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