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Transform America - Supporting statement

Svengali and His Prize Parakeet
My Respectful Tribute

By Jon Gentry:

Kathy O'Brien

I am an event, freelance, videographer. Counting on both hands I have met and videotaped Phillips and O'Brien nine times. Since my earliest meeting with them, June of 1996, I have taken a great deal of flak from ardent supporters for saying Cathy was still under mind control. My evidence? Watching Cathy's eye movements as she accesses eidetic memory. At least Alex Houston used a dummy to talk through (ventriloquist).

So, now that the pendulum wisseling v.d. macht tussen politieke partijen has swung against Mark Phillips, my unchanged view through these years now appears like support. With all due respect to Ray Bilger's three years of research, the subject is an elephant, and we the blind men. Mark Phillips may look a lot to Ray like the hindquarters, but I see Mark Phillips as a kind of a hero. Why would I call Mark a hero? Because his initial impulse came from a moral sense, a wish to expose the tragedy of MKUltra mind control; just don't make the grave mistake of assuming that individuals from covert government programs (such as Phillips) are operating with the same moral compass (as you and me).

Ray Bilger's expose' is hardly timely. Brice and others have been making public statements "Don't send anyone to Mark Phillips," as early as October of 1997, at Sylvia Gillotte's conference in Atlanta, the CT Expo on Ritual Trauma, Child Abuse, and Mind Control. Ray's choice to attack Mark Phillips now, with Dick Cheney being proposed as Dubya's Vice Presidential running mate, could be especially poor judgement; as it confuses the issue of the veracity of the material in TranceFormation of America, Mark and Cathy's ability to communicate that material; with the issue of whether we should be sending recovering MKUltra victims to Mark Phillips (Obviously not).

So, what happened to Mark Phillips that he became this ogre? Mark miscalculated the leverage necessary to break free. As a result, Mark has been reduced to playing one power group off against another. From his first call to Dr. Jolly West, Mark gave information "to both sides." "How do you think we stay alive," he confided to a friend. From hints Mark gave, his "insurance policy" contained Operation Paperclip resettlement files; inside info on the Gander Newfoundland crash, and more. Enormous bargaining chips, but apparently.... not big enough. Why? The challenge we all face now: Almost total control of the media; no Court to bring charges in; meaningless Congressional Hearings; no (moral) pulse from the American public; no support from law enforcement; the list goes on. Bill Colby also miscalculated on his insurance policy, and went canoeing. Going public is non-trivial and definitely non-habit forming.

In the balance, Phillips and O'Brien have helped literally tens of thousands awaken to the ongoing designs of the New World Order, one world government bunch; and pointed repeatedly and poignantly to their (NWO) Achilles' Heel: their treatment of women and children.
I am sure Brice is right that her information has been held back many years. Conversely, there is something to be said for the enormous corroborating power of "the testimony of two or more witnesses." Without Cathy's TranceFormation of America, Brice's Thanks For The Memories would have an incredible credulity gap, uphill battle; still a high hurdle for many new to the subject.

In regard to Trance, there was once talk of a production. I had friends going around to Bohemian Grove, and talking to Dick Cheney's constituency. Current arrests of Traficant's aide and many others tend to corroborate that connection. I have independent Charm School/Larry Flynt verification. Info on Operation Brown Stone confirms the (Washington, D.C.) systematic compromising of government officials Cathy described. I have a witness who saw Cathy at Manuel Noriega's in Panama. It all checked out. Cathy's information on Satanist Michael Aquino is confirmed: An officer on Aquino's court martial remarked, "Tip of the iceberg," referring to evidence at trial. It is hard to say how much Trance contributed to the recent John DeCamp success in the Paul Bonacci case (Franklin Coverup). So, I would urge the reader to honor their contribution.

Henry Kissinger

I was once joking about "useless eaters" and "kiss-of-death, Henry Kissinger." Chip Tatum (CIA blackops) put his index finger about two inches from my nose and said, "He who criticises Kissinger dies!" Judging by the tone, Chip's total lack of humor, that spoke volumes (an assignment or two?). Essentially, I am not surprised Mark lied about Henry. Being an insider, he knew it could mean bad news. I videotaped Brice Taylor at Global Sciences Congress in Daytona Beach, February of 1998, when she finally overcame that hurdle and "named the names." Few know how big a hurdle that was.

It also does not bolster the cause of truth to say we have "one huge pedophile government." That detracts from those within government who continue to leak us information (keep it up folks), and the reality that our government is simply too large, composed of many layers of pencil pushing public servants, David Icke's "pyramid," who really have little to do with the compromised and corrupt individuals at the top. I have spoken to good people from the Reagan era White House who had no clue what went on behind closed doors.

I also respectfully disagree with Frm. L.A. Senior Special Agent, Ted Gunderson (FBI) and others who promote numbers like 100,000 children missing every year. In Texas we have the Amber Law, which activates local radio and law enforcement in a concerted effort each time a child goes missing. There simply aren't the numbers, overall, those "thousands upon thousands of America's missing children." It only serves detractors to make such claims.

There are those, like Jimmy Rothstein (Fmr. NYPD), who maintain (damage control?) that there is no Satanic underground, just a bunch of sexual sickos. Yet, I have heard from victims/witnesses of Satanic ritual. It exists. It is a most useful tool to silence participants, as there is no statue of limitations on murder. Which is why, Ray, you will never get the whole truth from a Mark Phillips, or any MKUltra victim. They cannot tell the whole story, "what is really happening in America...," without serious legal implications.

And Ray, just in case you don't feel I understand, I had my own "Janus." I lived with Gail for a very stormy year and a half. She died in January of 1996. MPD (DID) and involvement in MKUltra; pictures with Ronald Reagan, pictures at the Hefner Mansion, or was that her twin?; and much more. I sit on quiet evenings, maybe sip a little Chardonnay, and listen to our song: Nat King Cole, "Darling, Je vous aime beaucoups,...You've completely stolen my heart." I speculate on what more I could have done with the limited information I had then, to help "put Humpty together again," to heal that most precious person whom I love even now.

Having personal experience, I marvel that Ray is not familiar with Gamma personalities, the damage control crew, that lie, misdirect and confuse when an MKUltra person begins to reveal herself to you; an almost inextricable weave of lies and truths that tax the best discernment. I question whether David Icke may regret accepting too readily Arizona's accounts. Time will tell. Likewise, the younger generation of MKUltra victims have such involved programming it is almost analogous to defusing a sophisticated, ticking device. I would advise contacting Brice Taylor and those resources she might direct a person to. It is not an undertaking for the faint-hearted. My best wishes to all in this ongoing tragedy, even to the MKUltra Handlers, those master behaviorists, with all the codes, keys and triggers. Guys, I wish you would all get religion; realize that your pet robots are real people, and defect: come over to our side. We need your skills to help heal what you have wrought over these many years.

Respectfully, Jon Gentry


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