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The True Story About Mark Phillips

By Ray Bilger (From 12, 2000
For those who have not heard of the man named Mark Phillips, he claims to be a "former" (retired) C.I.A. operative who was involved in mind control programming. Mark alleges that after he got out of the C.I.A., he decided he wanted to do something good. So he "rescued" an MKULTRA mind control victim, Cathy O'Brien, and together they wrote a book, Trance Formation of America, and now they travel around the United States on a speaking tour. It is this writer's contention that Mark is NOT a "former" operative, but that he is still heavily involved with the Agency, even though he may not know he is being programmed and used.
What you are about to read is the culmination of over 3 years of research and investigation into who Mark Phillips is, and why he is doing what he is doing. The statements made herein and the conclusions reached are not made lightly. This is very serious business and Mark Phillips is a very clever and ingenious man with a very clearly defined agenda. Unfortunately, that agenda does not appear to serve the interests of truth, but, in fact, it appears to be for the specific purpose of misinforming and misleading the public about what is really happening in America and the world. And it most certainly appears that Cathy O'Brien simply has a new handler who goes by the name of Mark Phillips.
The information used to compile this work has been drawn from numerous sources, including from a "close personal friend," Janus (not her real name-she is concealing her true identity for the present time), from others who have had the misfortune of being deceived by Mark, from Mark's own words, and from the observations of myself and others who have seen Mark in action as he does his work.
Let's begin with Janus, as this is where I first saw the real Mark Phillips begin to show his true self. Janus has been tortured and abused through MKULTRA trauma-based mind control programming since she was a baby. Her father, a career U.S. Military man, began sexually abusing her at a very early age. He has long been a personal friend of Gerald Ford, with whom Janus had much sexual contact while she was young.
Janus has been to Bohemian Grove in California, to the White House many times, and around the world, and she has been sexually abused by Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Jimmy Carter, Walter Cronkite, numerous other American officials, foreign heads of State, the Royal family in England, and on and on the list goes.
About the time Janus reached her thirties she was becoming less and less useful to her handlers, and she began to try to escape from the tortured life of abuse she had known. Her attempts to do this were met with swift and brutal retaliation to remind her that she should never again think of doing that. It eventually became apparent that she was being set-up to have an auto accident that was intended to result in her death. In the mid-1990s her car was hit from the rear by a tractor-trailer, but she escaped with relatively minor injuries.
In late 1996, while driving on a lonely stretch of road, Janus was involved in an auto accident where she was forced off the road by another car. She crashed head-on into a bridge abutment and her car burst into flames. Good fortune, or perhaps her own destiny, brought other motorists (including friends of mine) to the scene immediately who put out the fire, and worked as quickly as possible to cut her out of the car. The engine was in her lap, and she died twice and was revived before she was out of the car and into a helicopter on the way to the hospital.
I first met Janus in early 1997 when I heard from a close friend (who had been at the scene of her accident) that Janus said she had worked underground at China Lake Naval Weapons Station in the California desert. I wanted to interview her about this, and she hesitatingly agreed.
We got to know each other over the next couple of months (this is when I first found out about her being a victim of MKULTRA). In early April of 1997, a local TV station near my home was conducting a TV interview with a group of U.F.O. enthusiasts, and Janus and I happened to be present at the time. It was suggested by someone that if they wanted to know about mind control they should talk to Janus.
Janus nervously agreed, and told the interviewers a little bit about the subject. Remember, she was just beginning to break out of her programming, and she was very unsure of anything. She had never known a moment of freedom in her life, and she was still a long way from feeling it then. She didn't know how to think, as she had never been allowed to do so before.
The word about Janus' interview must have traveled fast, because the very next morning she got a phone call from her main handler, her uncle, and he said to her, "Who the hell have you been talking to?" He went on to tell her she would be leaving early the next morning to come and see him, and that "it was time that her family took care of her."
Janus called me later that same day and told me she would be going away for awhile and that she wouldn't be seeing me. She told me about what her uncle had said-that her family was now going to take care of her. I couldn't stop thinking about the double meaning of this expression, and I sensed that what it spelled was death. After all, Janus does have information that could seriously bring damage to the federal government and those pedophiles at the top who run things. Never before had she attempted


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