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Uncle Sam's Human Lab Rats at B12 Solipsism
By swanksalot
As a CIA official explained to the GAO, referring to the agency's infamous MKULTRA mind-control experiments, "The names of those involved in the tests are not available because names were not recorded or the records were subsequently ...
B12 Solipsism -
The CIA Memory Hole: Subproject 1: MKULTRA: Plants Isolation and ...
By -
Subproject 1: MKULTRA: Plants Isolation and Characterization of Rivea Corymbosa. "The scope of this research program is the isolation and characterization of the alkaloids of Impomea Sidafolia Choisy (Rivea Corymbosa) in order to ...
The CIA Memory Hole -
Damien Hirst's giant replica of a kid's anatomy model - Boing Boing
By Mark Frauenfelder
#21 posted by mkultra, May 19, 2009 7:47 PM. Hate for Hirst always seems to fall into the same big bin, which can be summarized thusly: "My god, how obvious! I probably could have done that (if I had thought of doing it, ...
Boing Boing -

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