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Wired News - USA
Not to mention that just about everything which can be done with Holmes has been done– short of turning him into a giant David Icke hunting lizardbot and ...

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Don't Panic!!!! The dollar and the stock market will collapse THIS ...
By admin
They'll probably release a bird flu virus via vaccines(or by drones), start WW3 w/China & then a staged alien invasion(2010)w/Draconian saviours! Support Stewart Swerdlow, Alex Jones, Dr.Deagle, David Icke & get storable? food! ...
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Swine Flu A Hoax, But Martial Law All Too Real
By admin
My personal favorite author and lecturer on these particular subjects is David Icke, in my opinion he should have his own radio talk show and then you will see even what the problems with left and right, corporate and the people and the ...
Alex Jones' Prison -
Video - Ron Paul on CNN Swine Flu « The Invisible Opportunity ...
By Boulderdash
then Government can implement whatever. This is what David Icke calls–Problem-Reaction-Solution. This is exactly how the global elite operate. The Reptilian Brain must operate on repetition–it is the only way it knows… ...
The Invisible Opportunity: Hidden... -
David Icke At The Oxford Union «
By Ed
"In this two-hour presentation at the world famous Oxford Union, David Icke encapsulates humanity's current plight and how we can secure our freedom from the Hidden Hand behind global events." ...
Free Speech
By The Free Marketeer
But if it looks like it's being brought in mainly to protect Muslims, they'll be in two minds because, in reality, the left is in two minds about free speech itself. Nostradamus, David Icke, Mystic Meg: your boys took one hell of a ...
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